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June 21

Using His Network for Good

Though Ahmad Salah uses his BYU MBA network to further his professional goals, he also channels his Rolodex towards an altruistic outlet as well. Three or four times a year, Salah and his wife, Shereen, travel to Greece and Turkey, where he uses his background in analytical engineering and his BYU MBA to tackle a […]

September 12

Go Forward to Defend Freedom: 9/11 Vigil

Sunday marked fifteen years since the devastating terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. To honor those who lost their lives during the 2001 attacks, the Air Force and Army ROTC battalions of BYU and UVU are keeping vigil by the American flag in the […]

July 26

Solving Problems, One ‘Stoplight’ At A Time

Eradicate poverty? Similar to scooping water out of a sinking ship using only a perforated bucket, it can seem like an impossible feat. But like most difficult tasks, the problem could be that we’re taking the wrong approach. Set down your buckets. There may be a solution. Welcome to Poverty Stoplight. More than just a […]

February 17

Alum Revives Happy Memories with Music

The residential staff could hear the soft crying of Mrs. C. from down the hall. A victim of dementia, the woman would sit alone by her door at Wisteria Place in Abilene, Texas, weeping and longing for her home and her daughter. She remained distant behind her tears­—until Leticia Stucki, the resident recreational therapist and […]

November 19

Class Note: BYU’s Champion at Google

What does Matt McGhee say most prepared him to thrive in his dream job at a multinational tech giant? Participating in his LDS young single adult ward activity committees—planning dances and mix-and-mingles. That’s because he works at Google. The company is known for championing a different kind of corporate culture—one that McGhee loves for more […]

November 27

3 Ways to Make the Holidays Happy

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of Marriott Alumni Magazine and The Exchange! May today bring you big servings of pumpkin pie, family, and football. All those trimmings aside, there’s more to this time of year than succumbing to a turkey-induced nap. Keep your holiday celebrations merry and bright with three lessons from President Thomas S. Monson, which he […]

August 12

Marriott 25: It Doesn’t Stop at 25,000 Hours

Mike and Laurie Hoer—3 hours. Don’t let the low number fool you. BYU MBA grad Mike Hoer and his wife, Laurie, dedicated two whole months to service this year—and they plan on doing a lot more. “Great blessings come to the people that you’re serving, but they also come to you and your family,” he […]

August 07

Behind the Scenes: The Spirit to Serve

Last year the Marriott School challenged students, faculty, and alumni to give 25,000 hours of service in honor of the school’s silver anniversary. Volunteers poured on support and exceeded the goal. We featured some of these selfless individuals in “The Spirit to Serve.” We went behind the scenes at photo shoots for search and rescue […]

July 30

Meet the Piano-Playing Google Guru

It’s not often that a piano-playing gig leads to landing your dream job at Google. That’s the way it worked out for Trevor Dixon, however, when he was asked by the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance to play jazz piano at a dinner for The New York Times journalist David Bornstein. Dixon, who will graduate from […]

June 25

From Tennis to Turf: Marriott 25 Wraps Up

After racking up more than 25,000 hours of service, the Marriott School of Management’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration is coming to an end. However, the question you’ve been asking us on social media remains: what’s happening to the tennis balls? To answer that question, the school took a cue from April convocation. Graduates were handed a commemorative […]

June 16

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Summer 2014 Issue

With a goal to donate 25,000 hours of service during the 2013–14 academic year, the Marriott School of Management was taking on a Monumental effort—with a capital M. For each hour served, one tennis ball was dropped into a giant M installation (pictured on our cover). Alumni, faculty, students, and staff reached the goal—and effectively […]

February 07


Few things on NBC have the ability to move me like the Olympic Games (apologies to the network’s Thursday night lineup). Though the host cities change, the heartbreaks and heroics of the athletes always strike a chord. Perhaps that’s why the Winter 2014 issue kicks off with “Melodic Progression.” As assistant to the president of the […]