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December 14

Brick by (Lego) Brick: Dave Jungheim Update

“Prepare for the media.” That’s what the Marriott School external relations department told MBA alumni relations director Dave Jungheim a year and a half ago, when we broke the story about his Lego-building hobby: the impressively-detailed replica he built of the Salt Lake Temple that took more than nine years and 35,000 Lego pieces to […]

June 06

Nine Years and 35,000 Legos Later

When we asked for a Marriott School of Management faculty member with unusual hobbies, the ROTC sent us straight to recruiting and operations officer Dave Jungheim. As it turns out, building the Salt Lake Temple out of more than thirty-five thousand Lego bricks can get you noticed. While that’s what Jungheim did, it wasn’t for […]