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July 11

The ROTC Legacy of Leadership

As a young man, alum Cameron Cozzens never planned to serve in the military; he didn’t even come from a military family. But one suggestion from a high school counselor to look into the military changed his mind—and from there, the BYU Army ROTC changed the course of his life, leading him on a path […]

September 12

Go Forward to Defend Freedom: 9/11 Vigil

Sunday marked fifteen years since the devastating terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. To honor those who lost their lives during the 2001 attacks, the Air Force and Army ROTC battalions of BYU and UVU are keeping vigil by the American flag in the […]

September 09

Team of Rivals: ROTC Runs Game Ball

Despite a heated history between the BYU Cougars and the Utah Utes on the football field, the universities’ ROTC battalions work together to deliver the game ball from Provo to Rice-Eccles Stadium each “Deseret First Duel” game day. The longstanding tradition, reaching back to the seventies, confirms that, notwithstanding the teams’ ardent rivalry, the Army […]

July 18

How ROTC Cadets Do Summer

Summer is what you make it. Check out what BYU Air Force ROTC cadets are up to when school’s out: Steven Richard Lau is living the high-life on the Hill. As a senior studying political science and Russian, working as a national defense and security intern for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is a match made […]

April 19

Drill Team + Color Guard = Honor

  They march into memorial services, Scout meetings, and basketball games in perfect unison. Carrying flags and rifles with care, the BYU Air Force ROTC Drill Team and Color Guard perform their duties with precision and honor. These two teams make up the Air Force ROTC’s Honor Guard, a group of cadets known for serving […]

November 12

Attention! The Art of Playing Army

Heavy breathing. Goggles fogged over in the cold. Surrounded by forest. Separated from your squad without information on the remainder of the platoon. Working your way through enemy territory, alone. Cadet Joshua David Farr and his BYU ROTC comrades had one mission: capture the enemy’s flag. The goal sounds simple, but it required crossing rugged […]

September 23

Paul Kucharek: Tradition of Excellence

On the eve of Wilhelm the Second’s ascension to the throne in April 1888, Paul Kucharek was commissioned into the Prussian military. One hundred years later, his great grandson BYU ROTC Detachment 855 commander Paul Kucharek, was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. “I didn’t find this out until years […]

August 20

Marriott School News Roundup

The Marriott School didn’t take a vacation this summer. The accolades, competition wins, and prestigious invites kept stacking up. Here’s what you missed.   School News The Dean Goes to Washington: Dean Lee Perry joined fellow business school leaders from across the country at the White House to discuss opportunities for women in business. BYU Companies […]

May 22

Air Force ROTC on Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean for you? Most faculty, staff, and students at Brigham Young University won’t have the opportunity to serve in the military. But those who do have a unique perspective on Memorial Day; it’s much more than a day off work or school. Members of the US Air Force Reserve Officer Training […]

March 24

Lt. Col. Mofu: Leading with Vigor

About ninety days, give or take. That’s the length of time it takes before people get comfortable with change in an organization, says Chanda Mofu, BYU’s lieutenant colonel. Mofu joined BYU’s army ROTC in September 2014, taking command of the detachment and becoming the department’s newest professor of military science. A new beginning, a new […]

January 22

In the Atrium with Cimony Greenhalgh

Cimony Greenhalgh is as comfortable strapping on combat boots as she is stepping onto the stage to perform. A junior studying therapeutic recreation and an ROTC cadet, Greenhalgh has been acting for years and still gets a thrill from getting into character. “I love being able to take on different personalities,” she says. “I have […]

September 11

Remembering Patriot Day with 24-hour vigil

Today the Air Force ROTC will honor those who lost their lives on 11 September 2001 with a twenty-four hour Patriot Day Vigil. Beginning at seven o’clock this morning, a group of cadets will stand guard over a folded flag and floral display in front of the Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building. A rose will […]

June 06

Nine Years and 35,000 Legos Later

When we asked for a Marriott School of Management faculty member with unusual hobbies, the ROTC sent us straight to recruiting and operations officer Dave Jungheim. As it turns out, building the Salt Lake Temple out of more than thirty-five thousand Lego bricks can get you noticed. While that’s what Jungheim did, it wasn’t for […]

May 23

A Meaningful Memorial Day

Established in 1868 to commemorate those who died in the Civil War, Memorial Day is now a time for us to remember all Americans who have died in military service. I spoke with ROTC Captain Jeff Timmons about his take on the holiday and ways to honor those who fought for our country. MAM: What […]