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October 24

CET Mentors Guide The Way for Students

Think about the last time you tried to navigate to a place you’d never been before. How did you do it? Chances are you had the help of a GPS. There may still have been a wrong turn here or there, but there was likely less stress, allowing you to reach your final destination safely […]

October 19

The Rising Popularity of Career Networking

For a growing number of job candidates, it’s not just about getting in; it’s about linking in. According to a recent article from The Economist, more b-school applicants, enrolled students, and graduates are utilizing LinkedIn, a popular networking site, for personal branding and interaction with other professionals. “It does require work initially, but once you’ve […]

February 25

Alum Michelle Curtis: How to Get a Job at NASA

For the record, locking up a position at NASA’s Johnson Space Center isn’t easy. It took 2009 MPA graduate Michelle Curtis two phone calls and six in-person interviews to secure her job as a policy analyst, and that doesn’t take into account the lengthy online application process. Landing a desk came down to a combination of […]