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September 21

SOA Professor Spins Wheels, Wins Big

Blink, and you might miss him. On wheels accounting professor Mark Zimbelman is fast. So fast that he recently placed second in his category of the Men’s Master Road Race during the USA Cycling National Championships held in Ogden, Utah, on 10 September 2015. But this forty-six mile win was not his first brush with […]

August 18

Measuring a Marathon: Heather Kirby’s Goals

Eighteen weeks of training, 26.2 miles, an average heart rate of 136–there are many ways to measure a marathon. But for Heather Kirby, who recently competed in the Contour Utah Valley Marathon, the race is measured in the little choices she makes every day. “It was my first marathon and probably my last,” the School […]

April 21

Bye, Financial Guru! Millenials Shun Experts

In 2004 the US Senate declared April as National Financial Literacy month. In celebration of the occasion, we’ve got our eyes on the millennial generation—specifically, how they handle their money. A recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the financial advising industry is destined to suffer as more eighteen- to thirty-four year-olds bypass professional avenues […]

January 06

Fiscal Fitness: Personal Finance Lesson 1

You might be at the top of your class with a great résumé, connections, and job prospects to prove it, but without financial know-how it’ll be hard to reach your goals. That’s where Finance 418 comes in. The course, developed by finance professor Bryan Sudweeks, focuses on smart money management and is one of the […]

January 01

Making Goals that Stick—Once and For All

“New year, new me!” That phrase can be a great motivator or a trite credo depending on how you use it. Follow through on your lofty aspirations with these tips from “Goals that Stick.” 1. Set a goal Simply making a resolution and committing yourself to it improves your odds of success tenfold compared to […]