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June 02

Finding a Home in Finance

Although senior Sarah Lyman has always loved the real estate business, she never expected to find a home for that passion while studying finance. Lyman’s interest in real estate and home design originated from her military upbringing. With her father in the Air Force, frequent moves were par for the course. “My parents would often […]

September 02

Faculty Room: Meet the Real Ned Hill

Most who hear the name Ned Hill think of Professor Hill, Dean Hill, or President Hill. But not everyone gets the chance to know the “real” Hill. We sat down to talk to Hill about his life outside of the spotlight—his hobbies, history, and what he’s been up to since finishing his term as Marriott […]

May 11

GFA: Ten Years of Learn, Do, Become

Finance professor Bryan Sudweeks still has the 2004 email saved. The missive popped into his inbox from Jim Seaberg, an investor who gave Sudweeks’ students companies to research and make watch, buy, or sell recommendations. Seaberg and his partners proposed an even more real-world investment experience: he suggested creating a fund, with real money, invested […]

March 21

Keeping It Real with Jessi Valentine

Jessi Valentine’s spirit animal is a chameleon. “I can find my own niche and adapt into whatever position that I have to,” says Valentine, finance department administrator.  “I can look at a job and go, ‘Oh I can do that,’ so then I will apply for it.” And that is what Valentine has done her […]

February 23

Brau’s IPO Research Nabs WSJ Attention

Twenty million—that’s how many people read the Wall Street Journal every month and potentially how many sets of eyes saw a recent article highlighting the research of finance professor Jim Brau. What’s more impressive: this isn’t the first time. “Over the years I’ve been in various news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal,” Brau says. […]

November 16

Hawkins Thriving in Ambiguity

Many people don’t do well with the unknowns in life. A dark path unexplored and unfamiliar has thwarted more than a few worthy ambitions. Matt Hawkins, on the other hand, relishes the chance to mold that darkness. “I thrive in ambiguity,” Hawkins says. “I really like not knowing how things will shake out. You can shape […]

October 28

Class Note: A New Vision for Charity

Doug Jackson is bringing sight to tens of thousands around the globe—thanks to a new kind of vision for humanitarian work. “The best charity work is when the locals are doing it,” Jackson says. “It’s not when the foreigners come in to do it; they just come and go. If you don’t set up the […]

September 22

In the Atrium with Courtney Dygert

For finance senior Courtney Dygert, business runs in the family. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Dygert is following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a degree from the Marriott School of Management. After a summer internship in Taiwan, Dygert recently returned to the Tanner Building. Why did you decide to study finance? Growing up I always […]

April 21

Bye, Financial Guru! Millenials Shun Experts

In 2004 the US Senate declared April as National Financial Literacy month. In celebration of the occasion, we’ve got our eyes on the millennial generation—specifically, how they handle their money. A recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the financial advising industry is destined to suffer as more eighteen- to thirty-four year-olds bypass professional avenues […]

March 25

The Man Behind the “Heaton Beatin'”

There are two sides to Hal Heaton. The first is a picture of floating tranquility. Donning a wetsuit and fins, Heaton has enjoyed scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico, for more than twenty years. “There’s something about being under the ocean in this surreal environment with coral reefs and fish that I just […]

October 13

In the Atrium with Sam Andersen

Sam Andersen has a lot of interests: skiing, traveling, listening to Maroon 5, eating steak with French fries, and watching The West Wing on Netflix. But apart from that, this BYU senior really loves finance. Growing up in Brigham City, Utah, Andersen loved having money to buy the things he wanted, such as new video […]

September 23

Assoc. Dean Vorkink’s heirloom tomatoes

Keith Vorkink is an expert in many areas—finance, investments, and tomatoes. The world of academia is a stark contrast to his gardening hobby, but the Marriott School of Management associate dean has found satisfaction and success growing heirloom tomatoes. Vorkink says that gardening is a nice complement to his work on campus—when he isn’t cultivating […]

July 10

Karl Diether on Bulking Up the Finance Dept

It took ten years and three invitations, but last summer finance professor Karl Diether made the move from Dartmouth College to BYU’s Department of Finance. What factors lured him from his Ivy League gig? The Marriott School’s up-and-coming research in empirical asset pricing had a lot to do with it, and, of course, BYU football […]

February 18

A New Home for Your Nachos

During the housing collapse, the sweltering sum­mer heat of Phoenix was no place for a young salesman pushing pest control. But for Adam Keys it was just the kind of pressure needed to get the creative juices flowing. “Nobody had money and nobody liked salesmen,” Keys remembers. It was then that Keys matched the perfect […]

August 16

Dress Your Nest with Matryoshki

The cover illustration for our summer issue did more than inspire me to rethink the golden rule of finance. It made me crave my own set of matryoshka dolls. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but here are a few of the products “stacking up” in my online shopping cart. Adorable and useful, these dolls […]