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February 18

The Right Things: MBA Director John Bingham

John Bingham doesn’t believe in balance. As the director of the BYU MBA program, he’s got more than a little on his plate. In addition to his Marriott School gig, he’s also the father of five children, bishop in his LDS ward, and a “wannabe” farmer. But for Bingham, life isn’t about balancing various activities; […]

February 10

Editor’s Notes: Winter 2016

There are a lot of big brains in the Tanner Building. Just head over to the office of information systems professor Bonnie Anderson, and you’ll find one sitting on her desk—a 3D model of her own gray matter, mapped by BYU’s state-of-the-art MRI. But she and her team at BYU’s Neurosecurity Lab use the MRI […]

November 09

Baby Bootie Stays Up All Night

Three families’ lives were spared tragedy thanks to one small thing: a sock. Babies Andrew, Pia, and Easton all stopped breathing in the night. But because all three were wearing the Owlet Smart Sock, their stories were spared potentially tragic endings. “To think of how different those families would be if Owlet hadn’t alerted the […]

September 21

SOA Professor Spins Wheels, Wins Big

Blink, and you might miss him. On wheels accounting professor Mark Zimbelman is fast. So fast that he recently placed second in his category of the Men’s Master Road Race during the USA Cycling National Championships held in Ogden, Utah, on 10 September 2015. But this forty-six mile win was not his first brush with […]

May 07

Estate Planning: 3 Things to Do Now

Procrastination is the greatest obstacle to effective estate planning, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead. Estate planning can be time-consuming, but don’t get overwhelmed—take it one step at a time. Here are three simple tasks you can get done this summer. 1. List Your Assets Before you make a will, take an […]

February 13

Class Note: Meet Jolene Day Weston

Jolene Day Weston’s two children can practically ski circles around her, even though they’re only three and a half. Her career path and journey to motherhood have taken a similar circuitous course. As a single woman Weston climbed the corporate ladder, finding great success in the HR field. In 2004 she became senior VP of […]

January 13

Living Within Your Means: Finance Lesson 2

For the second part of our personal finance refresher, we’re taking a look at staying debt-free by maximizing income, reducing spending, and building savings. Here is a handy tool to help with eliminating debt—a debt elimination schedule. For the full lesson and more tools such as a debt elimination spreadsheet, click here. Missed lesson one? You can […]

January 06

Fiscal Fitness: Personal Finance Lesson 1

You might be at the top of your class with a great résumé, connections, and job prospects to prove it, but without financial know-how it’ll be hard to reach your goals. That’s where Finance 418 comes in. The course, developed by finance professor Bryan Sudweeks, focuses on smart money management and is one of the […]

November 18

Family Matters: A Look at the Trends

Fact: strong families help create a stronger economy. That’s because entrepreneurs striking out in the business world draw some of their most important resources—social, human, and financial capital—from their family affiliations. So what do national patterns of marriage, divorce, and birth rates mean for our economy? W. Gibb Dyer takes a look at that question […]

October 15

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Fall 2014 Issue

Fall’s back-to-BYU rush marks the return of students and long lines at the bookstore’s candy counter—Heavenly Hash Fudge, anyone? But despite the electric atmosphere, a hush falls over campus annually as the academic community marks Patriot Day with a vigil to remember those who lost their lives on 11 September 2001. Curtis Bedont will never forget […]

March 25

Fatherly Advice: Q&A with Steve Herlin

The Marriott School’s 2013 Honored Alum, Richard Herlin, isn’t just a successful businessman. As highlighted in “Rise to the Challenge,” in the Winter 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, the Deloitte partner is also a devoted family man and father of four, something he credits with helping him succeed in the business world. We recently […]

February 04

First Impressions: Seth & Susan Stewart

By P. Ann Chen Married 27 December 2003 Maybe it was the fact that she was out of her comfort zone—a new MISM student outnumbered by MAccs in a management core class. Whatever the reason, Susan was not amused when a guy walked in late on the first day and nearly everyone—even the professor—just laughed […]

January 14

The Play-Off Payoff: Dad’s Investment in Me

My first job was spent selling snow cones in the summer of 2006. It was paradise but paid $5.15 an hour. By the end of that summer, I had made just enough to buy an $80 aboveground pool on summer clearance. I was determined to give my family the greatest Christmas gift ever. When I rolled […]

November 01

Human Capital in the Office and at Home

When Sandy Wight earned a MAcc in 1990 and started her career with Arthur Andersen, she had no idea she would be a partner. “My goal was to get a job and have two years of experience on my résumé,” she says. Twenty years later, Wight is still gaining experience for her résumé—as a partner […]

October 28

New Installation Celebrates Marriott 25

Twenty-five years ago today, the BYU School of Management was forever changed by the addition of an auspicious name: Marriott. As part of the yearlong Marriott 25 celebration the school’s external relations office created custom wall installations to highlight the history and legacy of the Marriott family. The mounted-glass murals are currently hanging in the fourth-floor corridor. So […]