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April 27

Approaching “LYFE” and Lemons Like a Boss

When life hands them lemons, women are supposed to make lemonade and help their kids set up a roadside stand and clean the kitchen—all without breaking a sweat. Unrealistic expectations like these have obvious negative implications, but they can also affect a woman’s ability to balance her personal life with pursuing an education or career. […]

August 25

The Right Fit? 3 Things Employers Want

According to Reid Grawe, the only reason his position exists is to help Marriott School students achieve their dreams. As the Business Career Center’s director of information systems, Grawe regularly shares with students the three things employers are looking for during a job interview. And with nearly 100 percent of MISM students placed after graduation, […]

February 25

Alum Michelle Curtis: How to Get a Job at NASA

For the record, locking up a position at NASA’s Johnson Space Center isn’t easy. It took 2009 MPA graduate Michelle Curtis two phone calls and six in-person interviews to secure her job as a policy analyst, and that doesn’t take into account the lengthy online application process. Landing a desk came down to a combination of […]