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January 13

Living Within Your Means: Finance Lesson 2

For the second part of our personal finance refresher, we’re taking a look at staying debt-free by maximizing income, reducing spending, and building savings. Here is a handy tool to help with eliminating debt—a debt elimination schedule. For the full lesson and more tools such as a debt elimination spreadsheet, click here. Missed lesson one? You can […]

January 06

Fiscal Fitness: Personal Finance Lesson 1

You might be at the top of your class with a great résumé, connections, and job prospects to prove it, but without financial know-how it’ll be hard to reach your goals. That’s where Finance 418 comes in. The course, developed by finance professor Bryan Sudweeks, focuses on smart money management and is one of the […]

August 16

Dress Your Nest with Matryoshki

The cover illustration for our summer issue did more than inspire me to rethink the golden rule of finance. It made me crave my own set of matryoshka dolls. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but here are a few of the products “stacking up” in my online shopping cart. Adorable and useful, these dolls […]