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January 01

Making Goals that Stick—Once and For All

“New year, new me!” That phrase can be a great motivator or a trite credo depending on how you use it. Follow through on your lofty aspirations with these tips from “Goals that Stick.” 1. Set a goal Simply making a resolution and committing yourself to it improves your odds of success tenfold compared to […]

October 15

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Fall 2014 Issue

Fall’s back-to-BYU rush marks the return of students and long lines at the bookstore’s candy counter—Heavenly Hash Fudge, anyone? But despite the electric atmosphere, a hush falls over campus annually as the academic community marks Patriot Day with a vigil to remember those who lost their lives on 11 September 2001. Curtis Bedont will never forget […]

June 16

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Summer 2014 Issue

With a goal to donate 25,000 hours of service during the 2013–14 academic year, the Marriott School of Management was taking on a Monumental effort—with a capital M. For each hour served, one tennis ball was dropped into a giant M installation (pictured on our cover). Alumni, faculty, students, and staff reached the goal—and effectively […]

June 10

Test Out Your Personality Type

I’m an INFJ, red-blue split, and least like an otter. Though that won’t all fit on a nametag, knowing your personality type can help move business along. In Marriott Alumni Magazine’s Summer 2014 issue, author Bremen Leak explored the impact of personality types in the workplace. Now it’s time to find out who you are in […]

October 07

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Fall 2013 Issue

With the newly minted issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine on my desk and the leaves outside twinkling red and yellow, it is officially autumn. The changing season marks an important anniversary for the Marriott School and the appointment of a new dean. In October 1988 BYU’s management school was officially named for J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott. To […]

August 16

Dress Your Nest with Matryoshki

The cover illustration for our summer issue did more than inspire me to rethink the golden rule of finance. It made me crave my own set of matryoshka dolls. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but here are a few of the products “stacking up” in my online shopping cart. Adorable and useful, these dolls […]

July 16

Getting inside author Bremen Leak’s head

A program officer at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Bremen Leak is one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s go-to writers and a former BusinessWeek reporter. Before he embarked on another international voyage, I spoke with the “When Budgeting Backfires” author about his experience in Moscow, his undergraduate days at BYU, and Jim Gaffigan. Q: […]

July 02

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Summer 2013 Issue

When I invited writer Bremen Leak to pen this issue’s cover story, “When Budgeting Backfires,” I had no idea the piece would develop an international flair. The assignment was to cover research by Marriott School professor Jeff Larson about the dark side of budgeting. The story seemed rooted in American consumerism. Leak, however, took a […]