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April 27

Approaching “LYFE” and Lemons Like a Boss

When life hands them lemons, women are supposed to make lemonade and help their kids set up a roadside stand and clean the kitchen—all without breaking a sweat. Unrealistic expectations like these have obvious negative implications, but they can also affect a woman’s ability to balance her personal life with pursuing an education or career. […]

February 18

The Right Things: MBA Director John Bingham

John Bingham doesn’t believe in balance. As the director of the BYU MBA program, he’s got more than a little on his plate. In addition to his Marriott School gig, he’s also the father of five children, bishop in his LDS ward, and a “wannabe” farmer. But for Bingham, life isn’t about balancing various activities; […]

November 01

Human Capital in the Office and at Home

When Sandy Wight earned a MAcc in 1990 and started her career with Arthur Andersen, she had no idea she would be a partner. “My goal was to get a job and have two years of experience on my résumé,” she says. Twenty years later, Wight is still gaining experience for her résumé—as a partner […]

August 23

Get to Know Journalist Holly Munson

Holly Munson, grammar dynamo and author of “Inbox Intervention,” is one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s favorite writers. Looking beyond the well-placed prose that dominates Holly’s work, I placed a call to her Philadelphia apartment to chat about email, American history, and family ties. Email can seem like a wah-wah kind of subject, but you made […]