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July 11

The ROTC Legacy of Leadership

As a young man, alum Cameron Cozzens never planned to serve in the military; he didn’t even come from a military family. But one suggestion from a high school counselor to look into the military changed his mind—and from there, the BYU Army ROTC changed the course of his life, leading him on a path […]

June 19

Alumna Unlocks Options with GSC

Throughout her education and career, Marriott School alumna Amy Sawaya has used global supply chain as her catchall answer to what she wants to be when she grows up, even as the details of those plans have changed significantly. As a freshman, she’d decided against geophysics and was looking for a new path. Feeling directionless, […]

May 08

MBA Alum Makes the World His Workplace

As an MBA student at BYU, 2016 graduate Mike Johnson walked the streets of Europe, full of hope that he would someday live and work there. Now he lives in Madrid, and he credits the Whitmore Global Management Center (GMC) with helping make his dream a reality. Growing up, Johnson frequently traveled abroad on extended trips […]

April 05

An Alum’s Career-Changing Mindset

Two years after graduating with a degree in marketing from the Marriott School in 1990, Jenner Marcucci decided he was going to make his first $100,000 and buy a house—and then he did it. By digging in and working hard, Marcucci was named the top sales rep at Pfizer; in fact, he speculates that he […]

March 15

OBHR Alum Dives Into Rewarding Career

Clark Anderson stood confidently on the diving board at the community pool in St. George, Utah. The eighth grader noticed the lifeguards talking among themselves and imagined they were discussing how skilled of a swimmer he was. He decided to prove them right. Anderson leapt into the air with his hands clasped together and dove headfirst […]

October 19

Not One, Not Two…Three Hired

Last May, senior Zac Quist and masters students Cody Pettit and James Dayhuff were three Marriott School information systems students excited to begin their internships together at oil and gas giant ExxonMobil. Four months later, not one, not two, but all three students landed full-time offers at the company’s Houston offices.ExxonMobil’s hiring target has been extremely […]

July 11

Cotopaxi’s got crowdfunding covered

Cotopaxi has a reputation of generating new and ingenious designs, but its newest product, the Inti 2, takes innovation to a whole new level. The Inti 2 claims to be the “world’s most versatile tent”—a tent that adapts to solo and group campers. The tent saves adventurers the pain of packing or owning numerous or […]

June 30

Sky’s the Limit for MPA Alum

“Reach for the stars” is a figurative goal for most of us, but for Kevin Watts, a 1986 graduate of the BYU Masters of Public Administration program, it is an everyday reality. Watts, originally from Salt Lake City, has worked at NASA for thirty years. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree […]

June 09

Marriott Alumni Take the “Write” Track

Ever rubbed shoulders with a famous author? You probably have. The Summer 2016 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features seven of our notable wordsmiths, but on the chance your literary appetite is hungry for more, you can fatten your summer reading list with this roundup of distinguished Marriott School writers. Cloak and Dagger—Taking a page […]

May 17

Watch This Year’s TEDxBYU Event

Bright minds, riveting speakers, and ideas worth spreading—this year’s TEDxBYU event proved to be the best one yet. For the sixth year in a row, the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance invited diverse presenters—including students, alumni, and faculty of Brigham Young University—to share their passion for the transformative power of ideas. Didn’t make it to […]

May 05

Why your first job still matters

We’ve all heard the saying, “first is the worst,” but according to experienced professionals, this isn’t always the case. Sure, your first job might incite fear and frustration, but if you can turn the mess-ups into shape-ups, you’ll be on your way to a first-place career finish. In light of graduation, we’re throwing it back […]

February 17

Alum Revives Happy Memories with Music

The residential staff could hear the soft crying of Mrs. C. from down the hall. A victim of dementia, the woman would sit alone by her door at Wisteria Place in Abilene, Texas, weeping and longing for her home and her daughter. She remained distant behind her tears­—until Leticia Stucki, the resident recreational therapist and […]

November 17

Extending the Public Sector Network

With a couple temporary employees and 2,500 phone numbers, Vicki Okerlund set out in 2001 to create a network of BYU MPA alumni. Eight months later, she and her team had called every single alum, reaching about 90 percent of them and starting an alumni network that continues to enrich BYU’s MPA program today. Okerlund, […]

November 09

Baby Bootie Stays Up All Night

Three families’ lives were spared tragedy thanks to one small thing: a sock. Babies Andrew, Pia, and Easton all stopped breathing in the night. But because all three were wearing the Owlet Smart Sock, their stories were spared potentially tragic endings. “To think of how different those families would be if Owlet hadn’t alerted the […]

June 02


While most information systems graduates are worried about powering up their hard drives, Taylor Chiu is busy powering up his heart rate. Chiu, who earned his bachelor’s degree in information systems in 2014, recently finished first at the April 2015 Utah State Olympic Weight Lifting Championship. During the event he competed in the 94 kg […]

June 27

Q&A with Advocate Mirella Petersen

Filmmakers, rock stars, chocolatiers, and deans. When you think Marriott School of Management, those words might not come to mind, but they should. During my five years with Marriott Alumni Magazine, I’ve interviewed a slew of alums with varying personal narratives and careers. And now I’m excited to add another profession to the have-featured list: advocates. […]