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February 28

GMC Unveils New Path to Certification

You don’t necessarily need to be fluent in several languages to be a strong player in international business. The Whitmore Global Management Center recognizes this and recently unveiled a new English track, which will focus on cultural competency rather than language, for the Global Management Certificate. “Regardless of whether a student is studying marketing, finance, […]

February 23

How MPA Alumni Are Making an Impact

“Making a difference.” “Making the world a better place.” Use these phrases enough and they start sounding stale. But backed by real results, the work of MPA alumni is proving the skills developed within the walls of the Marriott School can make meaningful—and real—change. United in their desire to improve world conditions, alumni bring their […]

February 21

Sander Says: MBA Student Spotlight

Melanie Sander believes in hard work. As a self-proclaimed “late career changer,” she knows what it means to take risks with calculation and savvy. These elements have been a running theme throughout her life and her international career in education, and they’ve given her the momentum to get back into the classroom—this time as a […]

February 15

4 Lessons From a Recent Grad

Adam Mikkelsen grew up on a farm in Oregon where, no matter the chore, he was always looking for ways to improve. At BYU he studied economics before switching to global supply chain so he could be more hands-on with his work. As a student, he interned at an industrial auditing firm as an auditing […]

February 14

From Classmates to Coworkers

Within a two-year span, five information systems classmates left BYU to start their careers—only to find themselves working side-by-side once again. The first of the five to finish the program, 2014 graduate Morgan Robertson began his career with a startup business called Kyazma. He recruited Nick Mortenson, a 2015 graduate, to join him. From there […]

February 14

Top ROTC Cadet Receives Marshall Award

BYU’s Army ROTC has a lasting tradition of producing top military leaders. Founded in 1968, BYU’s program has become the largest in the nation. In January 2016, the program received the Geronimo Award, an honor given to the best large-level program within the seven-state region. As of last year, fifty percent of BYU Army ROTC […]

February 08

How to Make an Idea Soar

You know you’re in a class with entrepreneurship professor Michael Hendron when you’re lectured about sailplanes and how they apply to starting and running a business. Hendron would know, since he is highly experienced in both fields. Hendron has loved gliding since he was a kid growing up in northern California, but he didn’t finish […]

February 06

When Olympic Dreams Become Reality

Giuseppe Vinci could hardly sit still, eyes glued to the TV in his humble home of Milan, Italy. It was the 1996 Olympic opening ceremonies and Muhammad Ali was lighting the torch, sending goosebumps all down Vinci’s neck. Right then Vinci knew he had to be in the Olympics some day. A few years later, […]

February 03

Finance Yogi Salutes Shanghai

Sumo wrestling, Buddhist temples, sushi and cherry blossoms seem as commonplace as Shavasana for finance guru Ryan Daniels, a Marriott School finance alum. Daniels has spent half of his life growing up and working outside the United States, including his current position at tech giant Apple in China. Daniels’s international stations have allowed him to […]

February 02

Married Marketers Pursue Paths

Kevin and Karlin Ramussen study marketing together, are graduating this April together, will start their careers at Nelson Professional Marketing in Cincinnati together, and get to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May together. Although they’ve shared a significant portion of their experiences and interests with each other, the field of marketing is diverse, and […]

February 01

Handyman Turned Leading Innovator

As a twelve-year-old boy, John Southcott started mowing lawns so he could buy paintball equipment.  However, before ever firing his hard-earned munition, Southcott habitually took apart each gun he bought, laying out all the pieces in order to understand how the gun worked. “I don’t know why,” says Southcott, a 2011 School of Accountancy alum. […]

January 25

An International View of Strategy

BYU strategy professor James Oldroyd was flying to Singapore for a job interview when a colleague called and asked him to stop by South Korea. With no expectations, Oldroyd complied and made a pit stop at the Sungkyunkwan Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB). This brief trip changed the course of his life for the next five […]

January 19

Overcoming the Competition for OBHR

Erin Hildebrandt left her fifth and final interview and collapsed into a nearby chair. Now all she had left to do was wait and hope. Hildebrandt, a senior in the OBHR program at the Marriott School of Management, was undergoing an extensive application process for a full-time position with Goldman Sachs. With the company’s high reputation, […]

January 11

Professors Publish Ethics Field Guide

Nathan is a new hire at a small tax practice. After a few months of work, his boss, Frank, calls Nathan into his office to discuss a client’s return. The client will need to pay an underpayment penalty of $50,000 to the state. Frank has a good relationship with the client, and in an effort […]

January 02

Giving Back to His Community

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan plowed through the Philippines with 25 million people in its path. Braeden Santiago was one of those people when the lethal storm hit. Santiago, who was serving an LDS mission to the islands, walked away from the typhoon without a scratch, but the area was left in ruins. He was immediately […]

December 28

5 Business Tips from a Venture Capitalist

Matt Miller is a builder. A 2008 graduate from the BYU Marriott School with a degree in finance, Miller built his first computer at age eleven and his first business while an undergraduate student at BYU. He now helps build the visions of entrepreneurs into multi-million-dollar companies as a partner at Sequoia Capital, a world-class […]

December 16

Stephen Shepherd: A “360-degree student”

Go. Learn. Become Global. The slogan for BYU’s Global Management Center (GMC) is something Stephen Shepherd, a senior at BYU studying finance and Portuguese, takes seriously. From Brazil to the United States and back to Brazil, Shepherd hops to and fro in an effort to gain global experience and stand out from other students. With help from […]

December 15

Skyler Carr: Spaceman and Entrepreneur

Skyler Carr grew up dreaming of traveling through space and hunting aliens. His favorite day in grade school included a trip to the Space Center in Pleasant Grove, where he could practice being a spaceman. He never forgot those days, and in 2012 he was devastated to hear the Space Center would be shut down. […]