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June 09

Parent’s Guide to HIPAA and FERPA

As soon as children turn eighteen, they are no longer children in the eyes of US law, and parents generally no longer have access to their medical, academic, and financial information. Talk with your teen before he or she turns eighteen about this shift, emphasizing your trust and confidence in his or her ability to […]

June 09

Marriott Alumni Take the “Write” Track

Ever rubbed shoulders with a famous author? You probably have. The Summer 2016 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features seven of our notable wordsmiths, but on the chance your literary appetite is hungry for more, you can fatten your summer reading list with this roundup of distinguished Marriott School writers. Cloak and Dagger—Taking a page […]

June 09

A Simple Breakdown of Financial Aid

The big question: How do we figure out financial aid? The calculation seems simple—the cost of college, minus the family’s ability to pay, equals a student’s financial need. But the financial aid process can be anything but straightforward. Here’s how to decipher the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and other options. Calculate the cost. […]

June 09

30 Apps & Programs to Ace College Life

Finances: These apps help students stay smart about their money. Mint: Lets you pull information from your financial accounts into one place, then tracks, budgets, and analyzes it all. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon) Level: For those who need daily reminders to stick to their budget, with a quick visualization of exactly how much is […]

March 09

Professor Climbing to New Heights

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, there are still some who hope for ice instead of an early spring. “When most people are complaining that it’s very cold outside, I love that, because we know the ice is solidifying,” says recreation management professor Stacy Taniguchi, who makes a hobby of scaling frozen cliffs. […]

February 23

The Neuroscience Behind Digital Security

You’re on the web, responding to an email or watching a YouTube video, when a message pops up on your browser. Do you read it, or do you close the window and get back to what you were doing? Be honest. You know you’re going to click “ignore.” But what if you just closed a […]

February 09

A Look Inside BYU Admissions

In part one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s Advanced Parenting Series, journalist Holly Munson took on college admissions—consulting the experts to help parents demystify the process and prepare their teens. She talked to Kirk Strong, director of BYU admissions, for a peek inside the admissions process at BYU. Last year was the most challenging to date, […]

February 08

Do You Think You’re Marriott Material?

Wondering what it takes to become a part of the Marriott School? Here’s what BYU students, aspiring and current (and their parents), need to know about getting into one of the top-ranked, highest-value business schools in the country. What are the prerequisites for applying? Students must complete designated premanagement courses and have a minimum 3.0 […]

January 18

Chasing the Dream: Minority Entrepreneurs

  Today we commemorate the life of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. and remember the dream he shared with the world. As he fought to end racial discrimination in the United States, King drew on the American Dream rooted in the Declaration of Independence: that all men and women are created equal and […]

October 29

SOA Professor Leads New Accounting Site

Accounting documents don’t have to read like gibberish. At least that’s what professor Cassy Budd is trying to prove with the help of her RevenueHub team. With the release of the Financial Accounting Standard Board’s new revenue recognition standard, first- and second-year MAcc students, with the help of Budd and other faculty, are decoding the complex details […]

October 16

Travel Tips: Haggle like a Beijinger

In street markets flooded with aggressive vendors and nonexistent price tags, great deals on souvenirs, local trinkets, and one-off products are ripe for the picking—if shoppers have the patience to haggle for them. This May BYU Global Business Abroad students took to the streets of Beijing in the last stop on their thirty-day trip around […]

October 13

Pack Your Bags: Business School Abroad

Committing to a major is a tough choice for any student. Sophomore Alison Brady’s tip for picking the right program? Travel the world. This spring she was oscillating between a science major and something at the Marriott School. Brady thought she wanted to be a surgeon but hesitated to commit to such a demanding career […]

July 07

Taking on Adobe’s Big Data

Employers are scrambling to analyze piles of digital data—and to employ MBA grads who know how to make those numbers talk. That’s why recent MBA grad Venna Barrowes signed up for BYU Analytics, a new Marriott School program started by marketing professor Jeff Dotson to match second-year MBAs with real-world data projects. “All the industries […]

June 23

A Brush with Identity Theft

You don’t mess with a Texan’s pickup truck, says BYU finance professor Andrew Holmes. So, needless to say, back in the 90s when someone broke into his truck, stole his checkbook, and started writing fraudulent checks in his name, he was pretty upset. “It made me angry,” Holmes says. “I wanted to lash out at […]

June 09

From the Issue: Meet the MBA Tech Society

In the Summer 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, several MBA students shared their top tech picks from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. But who are these intrepid members of the MBA Tech Society? We caught up with six of them after the event to find out what makes them tick.     Name: Julia […]

May 07

Estate Planning: 3 Things to Do Now

Procrastination is the greatest obstacle to effective estate planning, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead. Estate planning can be time-consuming, but don’t get overwhelmed—take it one step at a time. Here are three simple tasks you can get done this summer. 1. List Your Assets Before you make a will, take an […]

April 28

Prof. Lee Daniels on Remaking a Brand

Here’s a challenge marketing professor Lee Daniels poses his students: It’s the mid-1990s. The Net is the hottest new thing, and you just stepped to the helm of a pioneering venture that offers for the first time futuristic technology to deliver cable, Internet, and telephone service in one package—but for some reason the customers aren’t […]

March 03

LinkedIn Insider: Alum Ryan Giles

An account executive for LinkedIn, 2008 MBA grad Ryan Giles happily promoted a new kind of passivity that can change the way companies and potential employees—from all career stages—come together. “Only about 20 percent of the population is actively looking for a job,” he says, drawing from several years of experience with social media’s no. 1 […]