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January 18

Chasing the Dream: Minority Entrepreneurs

  Today we commemorate the life of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. and remember the dream he shared with the world. As he fought to end racial discrimination in the United States, King drew on the American Dream rooted in the Declaration of Independence: that all men and women are created equal and […]

January 01

5 Ways to Get Involved in the New Year

A new year presents many exciting prospects and possibilities—a fresh, 365 days lie ahead, and with them come opportunities to get involved and do good in your community. If one of your resolutions is to make a difference, the Ballard Center of Economic Self-Reliance can help you reach your goals. Here are five ways students […]

December 22

Class Note: Spelling Student Success

It was 6:30 p.m., and Dora Ho-Ellis was still in her office. “Normally, I’m not that hardworking,” she quips. But when the phone rang with a pivotal opportunity for the entrepreneurship education program she spearheaded at Singapore Polytechnic, she was grateful she was there to answer. A rep from the Changi Airport Group was on […]

December 15

BYU Beta Alpha Psi Aids Local Nonprofits

What can accounting students do to help a leprosy colony in India? As it turns out, a lot. Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. Within the BYU chapter of BAP, groups of accounting students work on projects aiding local nonprofits. Hannah Rios, a second-year MAcc student from […]

December 14

Brick by (Lego) Brick: Dave Jungheim Update

“Prepare for the media.” That’s what the Marriott School external relations department told MBA alumni relations director Dave Jungheim a year and a half ago, when we broke the story about his Lego-building hobby: the impressively-detailed replica he built of the Salt Lake Temple that took more than nine years and 35,000 Lego pieces to […]

December 11

Get To Know The Global Management Center

Is traveling the world on your bucket list? Or do you want to make your future career international? Are you passionate about different cultures and mastering new languages? If so, you’re in luck—the Marriott School has an entire center dedicated to helping students who feel just like you. The Whitmore Global Management Center (GMC) helps students […]

December 01

Y-Prize Newborn Challenge Kickoff

The problem is staggering: 4 million newborn deaths every year. But the solution is promising: low-cost respirators created by BYU engineering students. The challenge is yours: identify a community most in need and find a way to distribute the respirators. In the Ballard Center’s newest Y-Prize Challenge, BYU students can potentially save millions of babies […]

November 27

Giftry: Stress-Free Holiday Giving

Don’t know what to get a family member or friend for Christmas this year? Dreading those Black Friday lines? You’re not alone. Picking out the perfect gift can raise your anxiety as high as the star topper on your Christmas tree. It only takes one wrong gift to swing your holidays from holly jolly to […]

November 24

Experience Industry: A Play-By-Play

They say business is all work and no play. But those studying experience industry management might beg to differ. After all, a career outlook in this field could involve anything from working in an amusement park to a sports arena. The experience industry provides people with recreation opportunities—think ski resorts, public parks, zoos, and hotel […]

November 23

Holiday Cooking with Alum Kent Andersen

Thanksgiving fast approaches. It’s the most important food holiday, and you need to impress your in-laws with a palate-pleasing side-dish. Look no further. Here Marriott School alum and chef Kent Andersen teaches how to whip up a sought-after stuffing that the whole family will still be talking about, even after the turkey-induced food coma wears […]

November 19

Class Note: BYU’s Champion at Google

What does Matt McGhee say most prepared him to thrive in his dream job at a multinational tech giant? Participating in his LDS young single adult ward activity committees—planning dances and mix-and-mingles. That’s because he works at Google. The company is known for championing a different kind of corporate culture—one that McGhee loves for more […]

November 16

Hawkins Thriving in Ambiguity

Many people don’t do well with the unknowns in life. A dark path unexplored and unfamiliar has thwarted more than a few worthy ambitions. Matt Hawkins, on the other hand, relishes the chance to mold that darkness. “I thrive in ambiguity,” Hawkins says. “I really like not knowing how things will shake out. You can shape […]

November 16

The Newest Best Venture Winners

Hours of preparation, planning, and prototyping comes down to a single pitch for student entrepreneurs in the Ballard Center’s Social Venture Academy (SVA), which hosts competitions for socially minded business plans. After a fierce showdown on 2 October, SVA announced the two newest winners of its Best Venture Competition: SimpleCitizen and Haedrian Labs. SimpleCitizen aims […]

November 13

WSOA: Accounting is Always in Style

Accounting is for men. Accounting is too hard. Accounting will destroy your social life. These are rumors. But for women looking to enter the accounting program, they’re sometimes the only messages received. “As a freshman or sophomore looking into accounting, you hear a lot of rumors about the program that may deter some women from applying,” says […]

November 12

Attention! The Art of Playing Army

Heavy breathing. Goggles fogged over in the cold. Surrounded by forest. Separated from your squad without information on the remainder of the platoon. Working your way through enemy territory, alone. Cadet Joshua David Farr and his BYU ROTC comrades had one mission: capture the enemy’s flag. The goal sounds simple, but it required crossing rugged […]

November 09

Baby Bootie Stays Up All Night

Three families’ lives were spared tragedy thanks to one small thing: a sock. Babies Andrew, Pia, and Easton all stopped breathing in the night. But because all three were wearing the Owlet Smart Sock, their stories were spared potentially tragic endings. “To think of how different those families would be if Owlet hadn’t alerted the […]

November 03

2015 SOA Conference Draws Crowds

Three days. Four major events. More than 200 attendees. The third annual School of Accountancy Conference ran 22-24 October, bringing together SOA alumni, faculty, and community members for an activity-filled weekend event. Here’s a rundown of the weekend’s happenings. Ladies’ Night The Women in the School of Accounting club kicked off the conference on Thursday […]

October 30

The True Terror: Bad Breath at Work

It’s a spooky time of year. Glowing jack-o-lanterns appear on every doorstep and your coworkers are dressing up like the undead. But the real terror could be something that’s right under your nose—bad breath. Although there’s no magic potion for a case of halitosis, 1994 business management alum and dentist Michael Bennett offers some helpful […]