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February 28

GMC Unveils New Path to Certification

You don’t necessarily need to be fluent in several languages to be a strong player in international business. The Whitmore Global Management Center recognizes this and recently unveiled a new English track, which will focus on cultural competency rather than language, for the Global Management Certificate. “Regardless of whether a student is studying marketing, finance, […]

November 30

BYU MBA: Maintaining Momentum

Grant McQueen didn’t want to leave the classroom when he took on his role as BYU MBA program director. “I wouldn’t know how to lead a program without being down in the trenches with the students,” McQueen says. “I wouldn’t be able to interact with them—know what is going right and wrong, learn their names—without […]

October 11

OBHR Lessons from the Caribbean

When two young missionaries lost the trail while hiking Mont Pelée, a volcano on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Reid Robison had to act quickly. After receiving the news that the two young men had gone missing, Robison, then president of the West Indies Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, […]

September 09

Team of Rivals: ROTC Runs Game Ball

Despite a heated history between the BYU Cougars and the Utah Utes on the football field, the universities’ ROTC battalions work together to deliver the game ball from Provo to Rice-Eccles Stadium each “Deseret First Duel” game day. The longstanding tradition, reaching back to the seventies, confirms that, notwithstanding the teams’ ardent rivalry, the Army […]

March 12

The Next Step: Hiring Your Dream Team

The right team can take a project from dream to reality. While interviewing entrepreneurs for “The Next Step,” I got some expert tips on finding the right people to hire, whether you’re founding a startup or looking to expand your team. Here are a few tricks to try the next time you’re hiring. 1. Determine […]

August 07

Behind the Scenes: The Spirit to Serve

Last year the Marriott School challenged students, faculty, and alumni to give 25,000 hours of service in honor of the school’s silver anniversary. Volunteers poured on support and exceeded the goal. We featured some of these selfless individuals in “The Spirit to Serve.” We went behind the scenes at photo shoots for search and rescue […]

Rex Tillerson — BYU Marriott School 2013 International Executive of the Year March 07

Integrity: The Most Valuable Asset

Imagine you’re a young executive about to seal the deal on a $4.5 billion contract. The other company goes to sign the contract, then casually asks for a $20 million bribe. What would you do? Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, faced this exact situation overseas and alone. He said, no. Tillerson captivated students, faculty, and […]

March 04

MoTab Choir Q&A with Alum Jon Rowberry

Jon Rowberry, accounting grad and Mormon Tabernacle Choir staple, has a résumé that reads like a stirring chorale—highs, lows, and a crescendo that made him CEO of FranklinCovey. We cover his career in the Winter 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, but here are a few outtakes from our interview about Rowberry’s time in America’s Choir. […]

February 25

Man on the Street: The Science of Laughter

Here at Marriott Alumni Magazine we like to put into practice the topics we write about. Whether it’s a food trend or tips on business travel, we want to see how it works. In that spirit we’re trying out a study mentioned in our Winter 2014 issue to see if it’s true: people find comics […]

October 25

On Assignment: To New York and Back Again

Gertrude Stine once said, “America is my country, and Paris is my hometown.” While I have an affinity for the French capital (and croissants), my true allegiance lies with New York City and its bagels. Before joining the Marriott Alumni Magazine staff, I spent two and half years living and working in America’s biggest metropolis. […]

October 15

Flashbulb: Deans Step In Front of the Camera

At the end of July we invited the new deanship to step in front of the camera for the group’s first photo shoot. Here’s a glimpse of how we got those polished shots featured in High Altitude from the Fall 2013 issue.  

October 11

Sneak Peek: Kimberly Clark’s NYC Shoot

Grand Central is rarely quiet—half a million people pass through its vaulted hall every day. But New York-based photographer Brittany Ambridge thought the one-hundred-year-old terminal would be the ideal backdrop for Kimberly’s Clark’s story, Citi Slicker. To secure the perfect shot, we met up at the iconic information desk at 7 a.m. on Memorial Day. […]

July 12

Watch Eric Watson’s Mazda CX-9 Ad

You know the Mazda ad mentioned in Eric Watson’s story, “Full Speed Ahead?” Well, here’s your chance to take a look. Watson was behind the camera last October, representing Mazda on a commercial shoot for the company’s CX-9. Filmed in Los Angeles, a seventy-five-person team spent nearly seventeen hours on the first day of shooting. […]