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April 22

In the Atrium with Jake Homer

Life is just like riding a bike, right? Well for Jake Homer sometimes it is more like a sprint triathlon—literally. “I love cycling, and I have a goal to do a sprint triathlon,” Homer says. “I find races like that to be super fun because they motivate me to be better and work harder.” Homer, […]

April 19

Drill Team + Color Guard = Honor

  They march into memorial services, Scout meetings, and basketball games in perfect unison. Carrying flags and rifles with care, the BYU Air Force ROTC Drill Team and Color Guard perform their duties with precision and honor. These two teams make up the Air Force ROTC’s Honor Guard, a group of cadets known for serving […]

April 07

Sign Up for Ballard Scholar Program

You might be an accounting major who’s passionate about ending poverty. Or maybe you’re a sociology student striving to solve world hunger. Perhaps you’re studying engineering and just want to create something that will benefit people’s lives. Now no matter what your major is or goals are, you can be recognized for your drive to […]

April 07

The Perfect Fit: WIB Club Hosts Major Shopping

If you were in the Tanner Building on the evening of 24 March 2016, you might have witnessed nearly four hundred women shopping in the halls. They were not perusing for a new tablet or a pair of shoes but for a college major. The Women in Business Club’s Major Shopping Event invited female BYU […]

April 05

MPA Professor Receives Prestigious Award

Rex Facer, an MPA professor with an international reputation as an expert in human resources and public management, was awarded the 2015 Senator Peter B. Boorsma Award for his commitment and passion in public administration. “Being able to see good people around the world who want to make a difference and want to have better […]

March 29

MPA Alum Takes Over the Family Farm

A group of seasoned farmers sit facing Rebecca Loveland, a recent college grad in her mid-twenties, as she leads their discussion on everything from daily planning to marketing to an upcoming potato audit. Loveland feels inexperienced but plows forward, relying on the leadership skills she developed with her Marriott School training to make decisions and […]

March 22

James Gaskin: A Passion for Tinkering

  James Gaskin’s office décor goes way beyond the family photos and desk plants. A homemade jetpack built by his daughters hangs above his desk, and below his window sits a growing model village complete with green hills, an electric train, and a miniature Hogwarts castle. “I have no books in here except for a […]

March 21

Keeping It Real with Jessi Valentine

Jessi Valentine’s spirit animal is a chameleon. “I can find my own niche and adapt into whatever position that I have to,” says Valentine, finance department administrator.  “I can look at a job and go, ‘Oh I can do that,’ so then I will apply for it.” And that is what Valentine has done her […]

March 10

The 2016 SISC Ends in Showdown

  The Social Innovation Solution Competition (SISC) started with more than twenty competitors and culminated in a showdown between two teams—but the finale didn’t exactly end as anticipated. “We expected the judges to name the winner,” says BYU strategy junior Daniel Durrant. “But they said they couldn’t decide between the final two teams, so we […]

March 09

Professor Climbing to New Heights

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, there are still some who hope for ice instead of an early spring. “When most people are complaining that it’s very cold outside, I love that, because we know the ice is solidifying,” says recreation management professor Stacy Taniguchi, who makes a hobby of scaling frozen cliffs. […]

March 08

For One Alum History is Business

For some, the path less traveled is the wisest course. For Reid Neilson, it was traversing two seemingly disparate paths that made all the difference. In grad school at BYU, he couldn’t choose between his two passions, so he took on two programs at once—an MBA and an MA in history. Neilson’s choice to follow […]

March 01

Spicing Things Up with Sriracha Box

Working as an attorney at one of the oldest firms in New York City, Chandler Tanner finally understood what the classic rock band Loverboy meant when they sang “Working for the Weekend.” In the City that Never Sleeps, Tanner found a work culture that constantly awaited Friday’s gateway to the weekend—and dreaded Monday’s return to […]

February 25

9 Professors Featured in HBR

When you think of the nation’s most prestigious business programs Harvard, Wharton, or Stanford come to mind. It’s time to add the Marriott School to that list. In the past five years, only faculty from two of these universities published more articles in Harvard Business Review (HBR) than those from Brigham Young University; BYU tied […]

February 23

The Neuroscience Behind Digital Security

You’re on the web, responding to an email or watching a YouTube video, when a message pops up on your browser. Do you read it, or do you close the window and get back to what you were doing? Be honest. You know you’re going to click “ignore.” But what if you just closed a […]

February 23

Brau’s IPO Research Nabs WSJ Attention

Twenty million—that’s how many people read the Wall Street Journal every month and potentially how many sets of eyes saw a recent article highlighting the research of finance professor Jim Brau. What’s more impressive: this isn’t the first time. “Over the years I’ve been in various news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal,” Brau says. […]

February 18

The Right Things: MBA Director John Bingham

John Bingham doesn’t believe in balance. As the director of the BYU MBA program, he’s got more than a little on his plate. In addition to his Marriott School gig, he’s also the father of five children, bishop in his LDS ward, and a “wannabe” farmer. But for Bingham, life isn’t about balancing various activities; […]

February 17

Alum Revives Happy Memories with Music

The residential staff could hear the soft crying of Mrs. C. from down the hall. A victim of dementia, the woman would sit alone by her door at Wisteria Place in Abilene, Texas, weeping and longing for her home and her daughter. She remained distant behind her tears­—until Leticia Stucki, the resident recreational therapist and […]

February 16

MPA Alum’s Comic Creations

By day, Arie Van De Graaff is a public servant, but by night he is an accomplished cartoonist. Van De Graaff, who graduated with an MPA from BYU in 2001, has been in the public sector for nearly fifteen years, working as a research analyst for the Utah Association of Counties. “I liked the idea […]