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December 03

Women Making Their Mark in Info Systems

The need for STEM professionals is on the rise, and women are happily stepping up to help meet the exploding demand. According to Forbes, eleven of the top twenty highest-paying jobs for women in 2015 are in STEM fields—among those, information systems managers were ranked eighteenth. And at BYU, more female students are discovering the […]

June 23

A Brush with Identity Theft

You don’t mess with a Texan’s pickup truck, says BYU finance professor Andrew Holmes. So, needless to say, back in the 90s when someone broke into his truck, stole his checkbook, and started writing fraudulent checks in his name, he was pretty upset. “It made me angry,” Holmes says. “I wanted to lash out at […]

May 12

School of Accountancy Alumni Updates

Graduates from the Brigham Young University School of Accountancy aren’t simply crunching numbers; they’re managing businesses, gaining national attention, and serving in their communities. Read about the alumni’s accomplishments, as highlighted in the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 issues of Marriott Alumni Magazine. 1963 For thirty years Ivan Leroy Likes ran his own business as […]

May 07

Estate Planning: 3 Things to Do Now

Procrastination is the greatest obstacle to effective estate planning, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead. Estate planning can be time-consuming, but don’t get overwhelmed—take it one step at a time. Here are three simple tasks you can get done this summer. 1. List Your Assets Before you make a will, take an […]

May 01

Blowing Out Big Tobacco

By gaining the ear of the Canadian government, alum Ken Kyle helped snuff out the light of tobacco companies in his home country. And the effects of his work are still filtering across the world. It was a simple classified ad that led to Kyle’s employment with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Canada’s largest charitable […]

April 28

Prof. Lee Daniels on Remaking a Brand

Here’s a challenge marketing professor Lee Daniels poses his students: It’s the mid-1990s. The Net is the hottest new thing, and you just stepped to the helm of a pioneering venture that offers for the first time futuristic technology to deliver cable, Internet, and telephone service in one package—but for some reason the customers aren’t […]

April 23

Overheard in the Tanner Hall of Fame

The Exchange staff is proud to debut the best overheard quotes of all time—with GIFS! Enjoy our favorite phrases from years past. To read this year’s top picks check out the current edition of “Overheard in the Tanner” in the most recent issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine. “I have a date tonight, a date tomorrow morning, and […]

April 21

Bye, Financial Guru! Millenials Shun Experts

In 2004 the US Senate declared April as National Financial Literacy month. In celebration of the occasion, we’ve got our eyes on the millennial generation—specifically, how they handle their money. A recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the financial advising industry is destined to suffer as more eighteen- to thirty-four year-olds bypass professional avenues […]

April 20

Three Tips for Aspiring MBAs

Helping students find academic success is all in a day’s work for BYU’s MBA program director Christine Roundy, who manages curriculum and tracks student progress. After nineteen years at the Marriott School, Roundy knows what it takes to succeed as an MBA student. Read on for her best advice. MAM: What makes a successful MBA […]

April 17

Department Office: Christine Roundy

When the alarm clock blares on a workday morning, MBA academic program manager Christine Roundy is not one to grumble. “I don’t wake up and think ‘oh no, I have to go to work,’” she says. “I love coming to work; I’m excited to go.” Roundy’s excitement about helping the Marriott School and the people […]

April 16

MISM Student Maria Yacaman Tees Off

With lush green fairways set against the red-rock backdrop of southern Utah, Entrada Golf Course in St. George is Maria Yacaman’s favorite place to tee off. Not just because Zac Efron had a picnic on Hole 3 in High School Musical 2—although Yacaman does appreciate that—but because of its difficult yet rewarding nature. “It’s challenging, […]

April 14

David Cherrington: Taking it in Stride

For OLS professor David Cherrington, arriving at his teaching career didn’t come as expected. “Most people don’t believe my career story when they ask,” he says. “I never really planned my career like you would anticipate most people do. It was a very random process.” Cherrington grew up on a small farm in Preston, Idaho, […]

April 10

In the Atrium with Noemi Morales

Noemi Morales, a native of Roswell, Georgia, started out as a photography major at BYU-Idaho. Although it took her a few years in Rexburg, an LDS mission to St. George, Utah; and lots of decisions, Morales has finally found her calling in the Marriott School’s recreation management program. She’s even landed an internship with a […]

April 09

Dead Sea Scrolls to Successful Startups

Scott C. Johnson has been a Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology founder since 2011. Johnson grew up in Ogden, Utah, and despite receiving two scholarships to Brigham Young University, he attended Weber State. It wasn’t until Johnson served a mission in Brazil that he had a self-described “change of heart.” Johnson’s desire to teach […]

April 07

Competition rewards savvy business plans

A great business venture starts with a great idea. The Ballard Center’s Social Venture Academy encourages student entrepreneurs to jump-start businesses with mentoring and cash prizes throughout three different stages of development: idea validation, product development, and execution. Students recently participated in the first stage by submitting videos for the Best Idea Competition. “We asked entrants, ‘What is […]

April 03

Former EY CEO Hails Women in Business

According to James S. Turley, all people should feel comfortable with career growth in the workplace. Turley is the former CEO of EY and the 2014 Marriott School International Executive of the Year. He currently serves as an honorary director of Catalyst, a nonprofit organization established in 1962 that promotes inclusive workplaces and expanded opportunities […]

April 02

Mazel Tov and Military Secrets

Playing the part of butcher  in Fiddler on the Roof came naturally to 1983 MPA alum Chris Miasnik: his last name is made up of the Russian occupational suffix and the word for meat. But there were a few other factors involved in landing the role of rejected suitor in the Bluffdale Arts Council production. […]

March 31

Marriott School News Roundup

As the semester winds down, take a rewind look back at the biggest Marriott School news stories of early 2015. School News EY Awards $500,000 to BYU School of Accountancy: BYU’s School of Accountancy is taking steps to become more globally-minded with help from a $500,000 donation from EY. Marriott School Introduces 2015 Hawes Scholars: […]