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February 17

Raise Your Hand: Left vs. Right In Advertising

Like a new kind of palm reader, marketing experts are using customers’ hands to get them to open their pocket books. According to a recent study by Marriott School of Management marketing professor Ryan S. Elder, handedness affects the way people perceive advertising, which may help marketers target them better. However, hands can be linked […]

June 06

Nine Years and 35,000 Legos Later

When we asked for a Marriott School of Management faculty member with unusual hobbies, the ROTC sent us straight to recruiting and operations officer Dave Jungheim. As it turns out, building the Salt Lake Temple out of more than thirty-five thousand Lego bricks can get you noticed. While that’s what Jungheim did, it wasn’t for […]

Photo courtesy of On the Go Tours June 05

Climbing to the Top with Gary Williams

Finding the right way to accomplish life and career goals can seem like an insurmountable challenge at times. Marriott School Honored Alum Gary Williams felt that way as he made his way to the top of various companies. Today we’re throwing back to an article from our Winter 2004 issue, where Williams shared his advice […]

June 03

Joint Venture: Judith & Douglas Maughan

Married 21 December 1989 In the winter of 1989, the snow and pine trees of Sundance Resort set the backdrop for Doug and Judith Maughan’s second date. Doug, an MBA student at the time, had asked Judith to accompany him to a Valentine’s dinner and dance sponsored by the Marriott School. “He was handsome, smart, […]

May 30

New Ventures in Uganda for Y-Prize Winners

New Ventures in Uganda for Y-Prize Winners Across Uganda, children commonly suffer from malnutrition, anemia and developmental disabilities — the effects of parasitic worms. The parasites that cause schistosomiasis can be eliminated by an inexpensive pill, but there is no established way to distribute the medicine to all those who need it. Brigham Young University […]

May 29

#TBT Catching the Travel Bug

Blame the finally seasonable weather, but I’m craving a destination vacation. After satiating my wanderlust with a winter retreat in Slovenia, the travel bug has returned with a vengeance. I’m pinning exotic locales, pricing far-flung adventures, and salivating over the aromatic foods pictured in guidebooks. I’m still in the early stages of planning (and saving) […]

Hinze Family - Joint Ventures - Marriott Alumni Magazine May 22

Parallel Paths: Rod and Jen Hinze

Married 29 April 1999 Jen sat in the BYU Varsity Theatre eager to learn on her first day of class in the accounting junior core. Rod Hinze was also in class that day, but he found it hard to focus on academics once he saw Jen. When the teacher announced that the students would be forming […]

Jonathan Carlson - Side Effects - BYU May 20

Art Lover & Illustrator Jonathan Carlson

As a student in junior high, Jonathan Carlson came up with the name for his school newspaper: The Tribruin, a play on “tribune” and “bruin,” the school mascot. After inventing the name, Carlson sketched the moniker alongside three bruins for the paper’s masthead. Fast forward to 1990 when Carlson received his first professional commission after […]

May 16

Downsize Calories with Supersized Style

Did you know you can cut calories by using a larger fork? Research by Tamara Masters, a Marriott School professor, suggests that upsizing your flatware may cause you to eat less. Now that the news has rocked your silverware drawer, what are you going to do with all those puny pronged utensils? We’ve put together […]

May 15

Waiting Game: Mike and Martissa Spencer

Married 8 July 1994 For Martissa Spencer, patience is definitely a virtue. When Martissa met her now-husband Mike in September 1991, she was busy having her first real romance with the newly returned missionary she had dated in high school. Martissa had plans to serve a mission of her own and was surprised to find […]

May 13

Storyteller Todd Hollingshead

When I asked Marriott Alumni Magazine contributor Todd Hollingshead when he first started writing stories, he reached into his filing cabinet for a manila folder. Tucked inside lay page after page of a child’s careful cursive, spelling out titles such as “A Girl Named Alice.” “I don’t even know how old I was—there are no […]

May 09

Abounding Blooms for Mom on a Budget

No one deserves to be celebrated more than Mom. And this weekend, children will get their chance to say thank you to the women who gave them life. The National Retail Federation anticipates Mother’s Day spending will reach $19.9 billion—an average of $162.94 per mom! About $2.3 billion of that money will be spent on […]

BYU Marriott School - Integrity May 08

True Blue, Through and Through

“I invite you to focus on a virtue that is just plain smart, because it will have as much impact on your happiness, peace of mind, career, and ability to fulfill your life’s mission as any I can think of,” said Sheri Dew, president and CEO of Deseret Book and a member of the Marriott […]

May 06

One of DC’s Decision Makers

In the area of market research, Cathy Chamberlain is a one-woman political powerhouse. Her influence, as well as the results of her studies, has been spread across the country from Washington, DC, back to the West Coast, and overseas as well. Since graduating from BYU in 1973 with a degree in business education, she’s tallied […]

May 02

Avoiding a Miserable Move

With the Winter 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine we’ve brought you loads of moving tips—from handy apps and checklists to securing tax breaks. Today we’re giving you a little encouragement in the form of a moving horror story. This one comes from my husband’s family files, and though it might make you afraid to ever […]

May 01

The Spirit to Serve: How Giving Pays

“Giving doesn’t make us poor. Giving makes us richer.” When Arthur Brooks said that in his 2007 lecture at the Marriott School, he didn’t mean richer in only a figurative sense. Before beginning his research though, Brooks thought this idea was nonsense. After several entrepreneurs told him they owed their success in part to giving […]

April 29

One Fine Day: Jason and Jena Parker

Married 18 May 2002 Nothing says attractive like a graduation cap and gown—at least that was the case for Jason and Jena Parker, who found each other in a sea of dark blue at commencement. It was 2001, and Jena was ecstatic to be graduating with her MBA. As she stood in the tunnel of […]

April 25

How to Get Your Start-Up Running

If you’re looking to join the ranks of successful start-ups like Owlet Baby Monitors, FiberFix, and EcoScraps, BYU’s entrepreneurship program—rated third in the country—is the place for you. Even if you’re not in the program, there are many resources on campus and online to help you get started. Here’s some wisdom we’ve found to help […]