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September 20

Miller Corporation and All That Jazz

When I hear Larry H. Miller two things instantly come to mind—car dealerships and the Utah Jazz. But the Larry H. Miller Corporation (LHM) is much more than that. A vast network of retail stores, finance services, and sports teams, LHM extends its arm of commerce across the US, operating in forty-three states. But profit […]

September 09

Annual Report Proves Affordable ≠ Cheap

The Marriott School’s 2012 Annual Report hit newsstands last month and what really sticks out is how affordable graduate tuition is. It’s common knowledge that BYU’s tuition is more than reasonable, but the graduate-level gap is significant. Last year graduate students at the Marriott School paid nearly one-fifth the out-of-state tuition rate of their peers […]

September 06

Checking your email? Remember to Inhale

Close your inbox and take a breath. In 2008 Huffington Post writer Linda Stone noticed she had a tendency to hold her breath while reading and responding to email. Further observance of her co-workers illustrated she was not alone. Whether on a computer or a smart phone, people tended to breathe shallowly or not at […]

August 30

Finding the Code to Success at Wal-Mart

Wally works at Wal-Mart. It may sound like a tongue twister, but Wally Potts’s story is all business. In a little more than two years, Potts has brought in millions of dollars of revenue for the corporation. Just weeks after graduating with a degree in information systems in 2011, Potts found himself in Bentonville, Arkansas, […]

August 23

Get to Know Journalist Holly Munson

Holly Munson, grammar dynamo and author of “Inbox Intervention,” is one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s favorite writers. Looking beyond the well-placed prose that dominates Holly’s work, I placed a call to her Philadelphia apartment to chat about email, American history, and family ties. Email can seem like a wah-wah kind of subject, but you made […]

August 22

Utah’s Music Scene Topping The Charts

Besides Donny and Marie, Utah isn’t known as a musical hotbed for up-and-comers. In the last decade, though, the state’s music scene has crescendoed with indie-rock bands The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Neon Trees making their mark on national stage. Imagine Dragons was founded in 2008 by two BYU students who went on to win […]

August 16

Dress Your Nest with Matryoshki

The cover illustration for our summer issue did more than inspire me to rethink the golden rule of finance. It made me crave my own set of matryoshka dolls. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but here are a few of the products “stacking up” in my online shopping cart. Adorable and useful, these dolls […]

August 13

Accounting Grad Rewrites His Story

Whether it’s the crisp binding of a book straight off the press or the vibrant design of an e-book, 1999 MAcc graduate Brad Farmer loves all aspects of his job in the publishing industry. “It’s fun to be in a field that has such great tradition and history,” says Farmer, noting that all major world […]

August 08

Management Society’s New Chapter in Africa

The BYU Management Society extended its reach to Africa this spring with a chapter in Accra, Ghana. The newest members of the society are looking forward to creating change for Ghanaians by focusing on the Management Society’s mission to foster integrity in business. “Being the first chapter in Africa places a huge responsibility on our […]

August 02

Dad Talk with Leading Alum Eric Watson

Eric Watson is many things—marketing guru, Mazda guy, and Marriott School grad—but the title he enjoys most is dad. That was clear during our interview last March. Watson talked openly about the joys of parenting his three sons and about the role his own father played in his early years. “I always looked up to […]

July 30

MBA Alum Jamie Shaw Circles the Globe

Jamie Shaw first caught the travel bug as an MBA student at the Marriott School. She had never left the country before but decided to participate in a new business study abroad program to several Asian countries. From the first stop, she was smitten. “I decided then and there that I would work internationally,” Shaw […]

July 19

Alum Joins Hollywood Superstars to Give Back

  Cameron Moll knew he wanted to give something back to the customers who made his entrepreneurial venture a success, but he had no idea it would take him halfway around the world with an international celebrity. Moll, a 2003 management graduate, began his career as a graphic designer and blogger. As his blog’s popularity […]

July 16

Getting inside author Bremen Leak’s head

A program officer at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Bremen Leak is one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s go-to writers and a former BusinessWeek reporter. Before he embarked on another international voyage, I spoke with the “When Budgeting Backfires” author about his experience in Moscow, his undergraduate days at BYU, and Jim Gaffigan. Q: […]

July 12

Watch Eric Watson’s Mazda CX-9 Ad

You know the Mazda ad mentioned in Eric Watson’s story, “Full Speed Ahead?” Well, here’s your chance to take a look. Watson was behind the camera last October, representing Mazda on a commercial shoot for the company’s CX-9. Filmed in Los Angeles, a seventy-five-person team spent nearly seventeen hours on the first day of shooting. […]

July 11

The Killers Singer Talks Music And Mormons

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, has received numerous accolades for his musical ability, charisma, and  fashion sense. In 2011 Flowers had the opportunity to open up about another aspect of his life—his role as a husband, father, and Latter-day Saint. For more on Flowers, check out this post on Utah’s blossoming music scene […]

July 09

Gmail Meter Tattles on Your Email Habits

Fill water bottle. Power up computer. Scan The New York Times, Daily Mail (I know), and a slew of blogs. Catching up on the latest news—while hydrating—is simply a part of my morning routine.  In fact, “Inbox Intervention,” this issue’s look at the intrusive nature of email, was based on an article I read nearly […]

July 05

Financial Security is Easy as 1-2-3

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” While the Founding Father has a point, you can’t save money if you owe it to everyone else. Getting out of debt and building wealth in preparation for retirement makes life less stressful and the golden years more comfortable. Living within your means is […]

July 04

Turn Down the Heat with an Icy Mocktail

It’s getting hot, like cook-a-pizza-in-your-car hot. Put a little chill back in your life (sans AC) with this summer mocktail. It’s a raspberry slush just like mom used to make. Seriously, my mom used to make this. I brought it out of retirement for this year’s patriotic festivities to rave reviews. The recipe comes from […]