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December 24

15 Very Merry Marriott Christmas Cards

Capturing the spirit of the season—and the good-natured personalities of the deans—the Marriott School’s Christmas cards have delighted friends, colleagues, and school supporters for sixteen years. While the deans have donned lederhosen, snowman suits, and even blue paint in the name of comedy, the tradition has yielded serious dividends, garnering increased brand recognition and a […]

February 11

Motivation Matters: Tamara Masters Q&A

Figuring out the reasons behind the strange things consumers do is Tamara Masters’s passion, one she follows by studying consumer behavior, both in the marketplace and in restaurants. Masters, an assistant professor in the business management department, recently conducted a study that suggests when diners use larger forks, they eat less. Today she shares her […]

January 24

Mac Turns Thirty: Bring on the Cake

On 24 January 1984—thirty years ago today—Apple introduced its first Macintosh computer with the bold declaration that this product was “insanely great.” Frankly, after thirty years of ground-breaking products, we have to agree that Mac is insanely great—and that’s something to celebrate! Want to stage your own celebration of Apple’s panache and innovation? I suggest […]

January 16

Pascal Blanchet: Illustrating the Globe

Our fall 2013 article “World Market” invited readers to think about jobs abroad. We followed suit and took the job of illustrating the article out into the world, where we met Pascal Blanchet. His lively illustrations made the spread into a work of art. This month, we caught up with him to learn more about […]

January 14

The Play-Off Payoff: Dad’s Investment in Me

My first job was spent selling snow cones in the summer of 2006. It was paradise but paid $5.15 an hour. By the end of that summer, I had made just enough to buy an $80 aboveground pool on summer clearance. I was determined to give my family the greatest Christmas gift ever. When I rolled […]

January 08

In International Waters: Your Stories

It’s been nearly two months since we asked for your international stories and the response has been overwhelming! Thank you. Working in a foreign land can certainly be the adventure of a lifetime. Kevin Graham, a 1996 MBA grad and program manager at Intel Corporation, related the following to Marriott Alumni Magazine: “We decided to use one of […]

January 07

VP Goes the Extra Mile Again and Again

Jeff Holdaway, a 1982 finance graduate, knew there was a way for him to combine his passion for business and law. After graduating from Columbia Law School in 1985 and working at a national law firm, an opportunity arose that he couldn’t turn down. Twenty-four years later Holdaway is still glad he jumped at the […]

December 24

Wishing You A Very Marriott Christmas

The staff of Marriott Alumni Magazine and The Exchange would like to wish you and yours a healthy and happy Christmas. Have another cup of holiday cheer by reading about the history of the Marriott School Christmas cards in the fall issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine or by watching these animated card videos. Happy Holidays!  

December 20

Making the Most of Your Daily Commute

The word commute often comes with a negative connotation. It fosters memories of crowded trains, red lights for miles, and annoying siblings who keep asking, “Are we there yet?” With more than 212 million licensed drivers in America, it is easy to see why people get frustrated with their daily commute. But, if you look […]

December 13

Holiday Travel Tips for Parents

All is not calm and bright as your family makes their way to Grandma’s house. The toddler has a candy cane stuck in his hair, and the music blaring from your teenager’s headphones is certainly no carol of angels. By this point, over the river and through the woods feels more like a dangerous trek […]

December 10

Father Knows Best: The Importance of Dads

Fathers play a huge role in the development of their children’s lives. They strongly affect their children’s personal and social well-being. A child may see themselves as more dependable, trusting, and practical, as their father play a positive role in their life. To see more ways fathers are staying involved, read The Play-Off Payoff in the fall issue of Marriott Alumni magazine.

December 06

Job Hunting During the Holidays

Traditional thinking says pounding the pavement during the holiday season will leave you out in the cold. Dennis Nishi at the The Wall Street Journal disagrees. His article “Holiday Job Hunting” is a how-to guide to scoring employment at the most wonderful time of the year. It turns out that contacting hiring managers in December—especially between Christmas […]

December 05

Videos of Holiday Greetings Past

Christmas tree? Check. Holiday lights? Check. Dean’s Christmas Card? Not quite. Since we haven’t received the dean’s annual holiday greeting yet, the staff at Marriott Alumni Magazine thought it most appropriate to highlight some TBT Marriott School Christmas Cards from YouTube. Enjoy!

November 28

A Very Grateful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Marriott Alumni Magazine and The Exchange! To prepare for Turkey Day 2013, we took a moment to count our blessings one by one. Here’s a glimpse of what has us brimming with gratitude, including that second slice of pumpkin pie. What are you thankful for this year?

November 26

Study Abroad Helps Alum Land First Job

From the Great Wall of China to the glittering spires of the Eiffel Tower, hundreds of students from the Marriott School participate in study abroad programs each year. We recently caught up with Matt Mantyla, a 2012 information systems graduate, to talk about how his experiences abroad helped him prepare for the workforce. Which study […]

November 22

Kimberly Clark’s Top Five Travel Tips

Travel enthusiast, globetrotter, and citizen of the world, Kimberly Clark (this issue’s leading lady and 2006 MBA grad) very rarely has empty suitcases. At this point it’s easier to name the places she hasn’t been than to count her passport stamps. Domestically she’s on a quest to visit all fifty states. A trip to Wisconsin earlier […]

November 21

6 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Road Warrior

We all hate being stuck in traffic. It’s one of those unifying nuisances in life—like that guy who takes a phone call in the movie theater. In fact, the average American spends about an hour a day commuting. Instead of simply complaining about traffic, we recommend being proactive. Here are six suggestions commuters can use […]

November 15

Kicking Around Great Ideas

Since publishing our article “Seeking Investors on Main Street” about the Marriott School’s crowdfunding course, we checked back in and found that investors have gone all in for the products BYU students are making. Through the crowdfunding course, students generate product ideas and take them all the way to the doorsteps of their customers, making […]