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February 17

Raise Your Hand: Left vs. Right In Advertising

Like a new kind of palm reader, marketing experts are using customers’ hands to get them to open their pocket books. According to a recent study by Marriott School of Management marketing professor Ryan S. Elder, handedness affects the way people perceive advertising, which may help marketers target them better. However, hands can be linked […]

August 27

Mat Duerden: Wilderness Classroom

When undergraduate Mat Duerden couldn’t pin down a career path, an interesting opportunity came his way: hosting a wilderness camp. For Duerden, who is now a recreation management professor at the Marriott School, the rest is history. The wilderness camp project was offered to him by recreation management professor Mark Widmer since Duerden was a […]

August 07

Behind the Scenes: The Spirit to Serve

Last year the Marriott School challenged students, faculty, and alumni to give 25,000 hours of service in honor of the school’s silver anniversary. Volunteers poured on support and exceeded the goal. We featured some of these selfless individuals in “The Spirit to Serve.” We went behind the scenes at photo shoots for search and rescue […]

July 23


When Jeff Bjorkman isn’t reading the unabridged version of Les Misérables, camping outdoors, or trying to recreate cuisine he’s sampled abroad, he is knee-deep in accounting projects with the Marriott School’s MAcc program. His experiences as a student may leave you wishing you too were an accountant. Taking Initiative One of the first projects Bjorkman […]

March 28

The Man Behind the Measurements

Don’t think surveys can make you a star? Think again. BYU professor Ryan Elder’s recent research on sensory experience has been picked up by more than a dozen media outlets across the nation, including Time and Good Morning America. Most recently he was featured in Marriott Alumni Magazine for his research on how the visual […]

March 14

Time to Go Green: The Luck of the Tanner

It looks like the hand of fortune has turned to the Tanner just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. We asked seven Marriott School students how they’re feeling the luck of the Irish this month. Hover over each picture to see what they had to say.

March 06

Jake and Stacey: Beating the Odds

Married 22 May 2004 When it comes to working the numbers, these two accounting students sure know how to do it. In 2002 Jake Hansen was working as one of sixty BYU operators at the university: fifty-six were women and four of them, men. That same year he started his MAcc where the program had […]