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May 24

Department Office: Meet Caroline Thorne

The first semester of college can be rough—just ask Caroline Thorne, academic advisor to Marriott School graduate information systems students. After losing her husband fifteen years ago, Thorne returned to college in her forties while raising four children. And then everything went up in flames, literally: a house fire displaced the family for two months, […]

May 19

Throwback Thursday: A Tale of Two Sodas

The likes of Coke and Pepsi don’t take kindly to competition. Along with other corporate guardians of attractive markets, these giants spend billions in price wars, ad blitzes, and lawsuits to protect their lucrative turf. But that doesn’t always stop would-be challengers. In the late 1990s, two companies readied to take a swing at the […]

May 11

GFA: Ten Years of Learn, Do, Become

Finance professor Bryan Sudweeks still has the 2004 email saved. The missive popped into his inbox from Jim Seaberg, an investor who gave Sudweeks’ students companies to research and make watch, buy, or sell recommendations. Seaberg and his partners proposed an even more real-world investment experience: he suggested creating a fund, with real money, invested […]

April 26

Innovating in an Established Industry

After selling his first pest control company, serial entrepreneur David Royce got some news that would have made anyone else rejoice: he could live comfortably without working another day in his life. But Royce wasn’t ready for an early retirement. “What’s the fun in that? To live is to grow,” he explains. “Life is about […]

March 31

In the Atrium with Lucy Scholl

Lucy Scholl is not your typical Marriott School student. For one thing, she’s only in Provo every other semester. For another, she once opened a concert for the Rascal Flatts. While slowly working on her degree in management with a marketing emphasis, Scholl is chasing her dream of becoming a pop country singer/songwriter. In pursuit […]

March 29

MPA Alum Takes Over the Family Farm

A group of seasoned farmers sit facing Rebecca Loveland, a recent college grad in her mid-twenties, as she leads their discussion on everything from daily planning to marketing to an upcoming potato audit. Loveland feels inexperienced but plows forward, relying on the leadership skills she developed with her Marriott School training to make decisions and […]

March 17

Making a Splash on Shark Tank

“What’s going on in Provo?” Mark Cuban, a member of the tribunal of investors on ABC’s hit reality series Shark Tank, spouted this question when yet another Utah-based entrepreneur arrived to bait the sharks: BYU grad Garret Gee, founder of Scan. BYU student and alumni entrepreneurs are frequent guests on Shark Tank, pitching their businesses […]

March 01

Spicing Things Up with Sriracha Box

Working as an attorney at one of the oldest firms in New York City, Chandler Tanner finally understood what the classic rock band Loverboy meant when they sang “Working for the Weekend.” In the City that Never Sleeps, Tanner found a work culture that constantly awaited Friday’s gateway to the weekend—and dreaded Monday’s return to […]

February 23

The Neuroscience Behind Digital Security

You’re on the web, responding to an email or watching a YouTube video, when a message pops up on your browser. Do you read it, or do you close the window and get back to what you were doing? Be honest. You know you’re going to click “ignore.” But what if you just closed a […]

February 10

Editor’s Notes: Winter 2016

There are a lot of big brains in the Tanner Building. Just head over to the office of information systems professor Bonnie Anderson, and you’ll find one sitting on her desk—a 3D model of her own gray matter, mapped by BYU’s state-of-the-art MRI. But she and her team at BYU’s Neurosecurity Lab use the MRI […]

February 09

A Look Inside BYU Admissions

In part one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s Advanced Parenting Series, journalist Holly Munson took on college admissions—consulting the experts to help parents demystify the process and prepare their teens. She talked to Kirk Strong, director of BYU admissions, for a peek inside the admissions process at BYU. Last year was the most challenging to date, […]

February 08

Do You Think You’re Marriott Material?

Wondering what it takes to become a part of the Marriott School? Here’s what BYU students, aspiring and current (and their parents), need to know about getting into one of the top-ranked, highest-value business schools in the country. What are the prerequisites for applying? Students must complete designated premanagement courses and have a minimum 3.0 […]

December 22

Class Note: Spelling Student Success

It was 6:30 p.m., and Dora Ho-Ellis was still in her office. “Normally, I’m not that hardworking,” she quips. But when the phone rang with a pivotal opportunity for the entrepreneurship education program she spearheaded at Singapore Polytechnic, she was grateful she was there to answer. A rep from the Changi Airport Group was on […]

November 19

Class Note: BYU’s Champion at Google

What does Matt McGhee say most prepared him to thrive in his dream job at a multinational tech giant? Participating in his LDS young single adult ward activity committees—planning dances and mix-and-mingles. That’s because he works at Google. The company is known for championing a different kind of corporate culture—one that McGhee loves for more […]

October 28

Class Note: A New Vision for Charity

Doug Jackson is bringing sight to tens of thousands around the globe—thanks to a new kind of vision for humanitarian work. “The best charity work is when the locals are doing it,” Jackson says. “It’s not when the foreigners come in to do it; they just come and go. If you don’t set up the […]

October 16

Travel Tips: Haggle like a Beijinger

In street markets flooded with aggressive vendors and nonexistent price tags, great deals on souvenirs, local trinkets, and one-off products are ripe for the picking—if shoppers have the patience to haggle for them. This May BYU Global Business Abroad students took to the streets of Beijing in the last stop on their thirty-day trip around […]

October 13

Pack Your Bags: Business School Abroad

Committing to a major is a tough choice for any student. Sophomore Alison Brady’s tip for picking the right program? Travel the world. This spring she was oscillating between a science major and something at the Marriott School. Brady thought she wanted to be a surgeon but hesitated to commit to such a demanding career […]

August 31

Start Strong: Advice from Dean Perry

Today marks the beginning of a new semester. Are you ready to start it off on the right foot? We sat down with Lee Perry, dean of the Marriott School, to get his take on what current and prospective business students can do from day one to thrive during fall semester. What can students do […]