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July 19

The Business of Show Business

The white letters of the Hollywood Sign are framed in Rick Johnson’s office window, along with a city street lined with palm trees. Down one block is the Jimmy Kimmel Live! headquarters, where Johnson once hoisted his nine-year-old daughter atop his shoulders to watch a free Taylor Swift concert hosted by the studio. As a […]

June 09

Parent’s Guide to HIPAA and FERPA

As soon as children turn eighteen, they are no longer children in the eyes of US law, and parents generally no longer have access to their medical, academic, and financial information. Talk with your teen before he or she turns eighteen about this shift, emphasizing your trust and confidence in his or her ability to […]

June 09

A Simple Breakdown of Financial Aid

The big question: How do we figure out financial aid? The calculation seems simple—the cost of college, minus the family’s ability to pay, equals a student’s financial need. But the financial aid process can be anything but straightforward. Here’s how to decipher the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and other options. Calculate the cost. […]

June 09

30 Apps & Programs to Ace College Life

Finances: These apps help students stay smart about their money. Mint: Lets you pull information from your financial accounts into one place, then tracks, budgets, and analyzes it all. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon) Level: For those who need daily reminders to stick to their budget, with a quick visualization of exactly how much is […]

March 08

For One Alum History is Business

For some, the path less traveled is the wisest course. For Reid Neilson, it was traversing two seemingly disparate paths that made all the difference. In grad school at BYU, he couldn’t choose between his two passions, so he took on two programs at once—an MBA and an MA in history. Neilson’s choice to follow […]

January 28

Class Note: Karl Hale’s Moving Art

Switching from a degree in accounting and a career in software engineering to life as a full-time artist is strange, admits Karl Hale. But when his after-work detox projects turned out to be works of art, that’s exactly the leap he took. Hale calls himself a kinetic artist. A longtime woodworking hobbyist, he now carves […]

October 12

Editor’s Notes: Inside the Fall 2015 issue

Falling leaves, crisp temperatures, and pigskin—autumn and football are intrinsically linked in America. Last year thirty-four of the most-watched fall TV shows were National Football League games, garnering a total of 205 million viewers. For comparison’s sake, the only other program to gobble up enough eyeballs to make the top thirty-five was Macy’s Thanksgiving Day […]

September 03

All Fun and Games—And a Lot of Hard Work

Model rockets, toys, and board games. This isn’t a child’s wish list; it’s Myles Christensen’s résumé. The 2001 MBA grad and design engineer recently added one more fun item to his line-up—electric bikes. He’s connecting customers with electric bicycles and making many people happy in the process. When Christensen first encountered electric bikes, he thought […]

August 31

Leadership Lineup: The Marriott School Deans

Fall classes are officially in session, and the Tanner Building is once again buzzing with students and faculty alike.  As you get to know your new classmates, take a moment to become better acquainted with the Marriott School deans. LEE PERRY, Dean Born: Logan, Utah. Family: Married thirty-six years to Carolyn; six children; two grandchildren. Education: PhD, administration sciences, […]

August 20

Marriott School News Roundup

The Marriott School didn’t take a vacation this summer. The accolades, competition wins, and prestigious invites kept stacking up. Here’s what you missed.   School News The Dean Goes to Washington: Dean Lee Perry joined fellow business school leaders from across the country at the White House to discuss opportunities for women in business. BYU Companies […]

August 11

Class Note: To the City of Brotherly Love

When Terisa Poulsen Gabrielsen finished her business management degree, the year was 1982 and the economy was bleak. Though she was determined to enter the business world, her best offer was a job teaching accounting at Salt Lake Community College. There, Gabrielsen discovered an unexpected love for teaching that kept her at the school for […]

July 21

Class Note: Tales of a Touchdown Triumph

In 1980 finance alum Ryan Tibbitts was one year away from graduating, but it wasn’t the textbooks he was hitting hard. Tibbitts was gearing up, along with the rest of the BYU football team, to take on Southern Methodist University—a showdown now immortalized in Tibbitts’s new book, Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s 1980 […]

June 30

Class Note: Business on the Bucket List

“Deciding to be a full-time mom over working full-time is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” says Marie Nielson Canaday. In fact, it’s a decision she still struggles with. While tending to two active boys keeps her very busy, Canaday is nurturing both her sons and her thriving love of all things business. […]

June 09

Are you a Suburbanite or a city slicker?

“Back to the City” in the Summer 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine discussed how both the suburbs and the city come with trade-offs—it just depends on what is most important to you. Take this quiz to find out where you belong. Would you rather… A. Invite friends over for a hearty meal you cooked yourself B. […]

June 09

4 Tips for Would-be Expats

For Johnson & Johnson executive and MBA alum Wendy Smith, securing an overseas assignment took “laser focus,” clear communication of career goals, and proactive networking. “It literally took years to set up,” she says. Get started on your expat journey with these tips from Smith. Highlight your relevant experience. “A lot of Marriott School alumni have mission or […]

June 09

Editor’s Notes: Summer 2015

Convocation at the Marriott School is always marked by pomp and circumstance, proud parents, and beaming graduates. But this April’s ceremony was extra special. Debbie Marriott Harrison, the global officer of culture and business councils at Marriott International, spoke to the school’s newest batch of grads about giving back. She traced Marriott’s success to a teacher […]

March 26

Fitting the Pieces All Together

When Pat Harmer Bluth expressed an interest in mathematics and engineering, her brother responded, “Girls don’t major in math.” As a BYU-bound high school senior, Bluth listened to her brother—a decision she has long wished she could go back and change. While she never got the degree she originally wanted, Bluth’s career has been filled […]

March 03

LinkedIn Insider: Alum Ryan Giles

An account executive for LinkedIn, 2008 MBA grad Ryan Giles happily promoted a new kind of passivity that can change the way companies and potential employees—from all career stages—come together. “Only about 20 percent of the population is actively looking for a job,” he says, drawing from several years of experience with social media’s no. 1 […]