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June 21

Using His Network for Good

Though Ahmad Salah uses his BYU MBA network to further his professional goals, he also channels his Rolodex towards an altruistic outlet as well. Three or four times a year, Salah and his wife, Shereen, travel to Greece and Turkey, where he uses his background in analytical engineering and his BYU MBA to tackle a […]

June 19

Alumna Unlocks Options with GSC

Throughout her education and career, Marriott School alumna Amy Sawaya has used global supply chain as her catchall answer to what she wants to be when she grows up, even as the details of those plans have changed significantly. As a freshman, she’d decided against geophysics and was looking for a new path. Feeling directionless, […]

May 01

GSC Intro Class Puts Pedal to the Metal

Two spandex-clad riders whizzed into the building, disappearing from view. As the BYU Marriott School students and their advisor stepped into the warehouse, the smell of rubber, aluminum, and cardboard—components of freshly manufactured bicycles—welcomed them into biker paradise. Though untried in the field of global supply chain, the four students and GSC professor Simon Greathead […]

April 06

GSC Students Share Advice, Aspirations

While Kevin Barker and Renae Rockwood, two juniors in the global supply chain program, are both involved students who worked hard to get into their program, their future endeavors couldn’t be more different. Read on for their takes on global supply chain, the Marriott School, and internships, as well as their aspirations in the fields […]

April 05

An Alum’s Career-Changing Mindset

Two years after graduating with a degree in marketing from the Marriott School in 1990, Jenner Marcucci decided he was going to make his first $100,000 and buy a house—and then he did it. By digging in and working hard, Marcucci was named the top sales rep at Pfizer; in fact, he speculates that he […]

April 03

On Your Best Behavior(al Lab)

At the Y, Marriott School faculty have the cutting-edge resources to help them answer “Why?” One of those assets is the Marketing Research and Behavioral Lab, one of the largest behavioral labs in the country. The lab fields around forty studies every semester, with more than thirteen thousand subjects cycling through the lab during that same […]

March 24

Prosperity In Product Management

Popular prejudice often says that a good salary comes at the expense of job satisfaction. But Dain Berrett, outgoing president of BYU’s Product Management Association, argues that isn’t always the case. Berrett, a second-year MBA student, says studies show product managers enjoy one of the best combinations of job satisfaction and salary of any profession. […]

February 28

GMC Unveils New Path to Certification

You don’t necessarily need to be fluent in several languages to be a strong player in international business. The Whitmore Global Management Center recognizes this and recently unveiled a new English track, which will focus on cultural competency rather than language, for the Global Management Certificate. “Regardless of whether a student is studying marketing, finance, […]

February 21

Sander Says: MBA Student Spotlight

Melanie Sander believes in hard work. As a self-proclaimed “late career changer,” she knows what it means to take risks with calculation and savvy. These elements have been a running theme throughout her life and her international career in education, and they’ve given her the momentum to get back into the classroom—this time as a […]

February 15

4 Lessons From a Recent Grad

Adam Mikkelsen grew up on a farm in Oregon where, no matter the chore, he was always looking for ways to improve. At BYU he studied economics before switching to global supply chain so he could be more hands-on with his work. As a student, he interned at an industrial auditing firm as an auditing […]

February 02

Married Marketers Pursue Paths

Kevin and Karlin Ramussen study marketing together, are graduating this April together, will start their careers at Nelson Professional Marketing in Cincinnati together, and get to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May together. Although they’ve shared a significant portion of their experiences and interests with each other, the field of marketing is diverse, and […]

December 09

Analytics Makes Students Marketable

Poised on the foothills of “Silicon Slopes,” BYU Marriott School marketing professors are determined to make their students more marketable than ever. This year students had the opportunity to enroll in a new course called Marketing Analytics, introduced by Marc Dotson, assistant professor of marketing. The course will serve as part two for students who […]

November 30

BYU MBA: Maintaining Momentum

Grant McQueen didn’t want to leave the classroom when he took on his role as BYU MBA program director. “I wouldn’t know how to lead a program without being down in the trenches with the students,” McQueen says. “I wouldn’t be able to interact with them—know what is going right and wrong, learn their names—without […]

November 11

Allison Oberle: Illuminated Alumna

When it comes to being involved on BYU campus, Allison Oberle has been there, done that. She graduated in 2015 from the global supply chain program. During her time at BYU, she worked on the women’s initiative of GSC, served as VP of Women’s Outreach, led as co-president of the Global Supply Chain Association her […]

November 04

Professor Tom Foster, Former Rock Star

Tom Foster, department chair of marketing and global supply chain at the Marriott School, had never played two truths and a lie—a game in which players share two hard-to-believe truths and one lie about themselves, then the other players must guess which is the lie. But when pressed for three statements, he said: “I worked as […]

October 13

Marketing Maven’s Sushi Success

9 a.m.: Wake up 9 a.m. to noon: Do homework 1 or 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Classes (14 credits’ worth) 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Food prep 9 p.m. to midnight: Restaurant open hours Midnight to 1 a.m.: Clean up Get to sleep ASAP Repeat Such is the schedule of marketing junior Jacob Chung […]