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September 21

Three New ROTC Faculty Join Marriott School

The start of another school year brings both new students and new faculty to BYU. In addition to new business faculty, the Marriott School of Management welcomes three new ROTC faculty members. Read on to meet the men behind the uniforms. Colonel Timothy J. Hogan is a United States Air Force Officer and the new […]

August 26

Making the Cut: New Marriott Students

Marriott School programs are notorious for having limited enrollment and low acceptance rates. Every summer, hopeful Marriott School applicants anxiously await the news of whether they’ve been accepted into their prospective majors. With school just around the corner, take a look at three students who made the cut and are ready to start their new […]

July 28

Jeff Bednar: Coming Full Circle

“Career goals are worthless.” This was one of the surprising pieces of advice that Jeff Bednar received as an undergrad at BYU. Roger Christensen, the chief budget officer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Bednar’s mentor, continued: “I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t plan and make goals. You just need […]

July 26

Solving Problems, One ‘Stoplight’ At A Time

Eradicate poverty? Similar to scooping water out of a sinking ship using only a perforated bucket, it can seem like an impossible feat. But like most difficult tasks, the problem could be that we’re taking the wrong approach. Set down your buckets. There may be a solution. Welcome to Poverty Stoplight. More than just a […]

July 21

Making General Ed Cool Again

Oh, general education classes. You know, those mandatory non-major courses everyone begrudgingly signs up for as freshmen and sometimes—okay, usually—puts off until the last semester? While many may view these classes as a tedious check-list, Patti Freeman, former chair of the Department of Recreational Management and newly appointed associate dean for Undergraduate Studies, hopes to […]

July 18

How ROTC Cadets Do Summer

Summer is what you make it. Check out what BYU Air Force ROTC cadets are up to when school’s out: Steven Richard Lau is living the high-life on the Hill. As a senior studying political science and Russian, working as a national defense and security intern for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is a match made […]