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May 01

Blowing Out Big Tobacco

By gaining the ear of the Canadian government, alum Ken Kyle helped snuff out the light of tobacco companies in his home country. And the effects of his work are still filtering across the world. It was a simple classified ad that led to Kyle’s employment with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Canada’s largest charitable […]

April 02

Mazel Tov and Military Secrets

Playing the part of butcher  in Fiddler on the Roof came naturally to 1983 MPA alum Chris Miasnik: his last name is made up of the Russian occupational suffix and the word for meat. But there were a few other factors involved in landing the role of rejected suitor in the Bluffdale Arts Council production. […]

February 13

Class Note: Meet Jolene Day Weston

Jolene Day Weston’s two children can practically ski circles around her, even though they’re only three and a half. Her career path and journey to motherhood have taken a similar circuitous course. As a single woman Weston climbed the corporate ladder, finding great success in the HR field. In 2004 she became senior VP of […]

January 29

Game, Tech, Match: Alum Dan Handy

Call it a cruel but fortunate twist of fate: Dan Handy’s companies tend to undergo extreme growth when it comes time for him to hit the books. As an undergrad and a grad student at the Marriott School, the current CEO of guided two internet start-ups to success, sometimes smashing against current trends with […]

December 02

Making Waves in Family Fun

Fifty-six years and 1.3 million birthday parties may seem impossible, but it sums up John Huish’s career. He’s had a hand in facilitating cake-and-candle celebrations across five states and has provided jobs for more than one hundred thousand people. Huish is the president of Huish Family Fun Centers, a company he started with his twin […]

November 19

Back to Business School

As soon as Thaylene Lowe Rogers made her decision to return to school for an Executive MBA, she hit the GMAT prep books. During a trip to Newport Beach, California, vacation time turned into study time as she and her son began plowing through the math section. After a year of brushing up, she was […]

November 13

Alum Renata Bezerra: Making Her Move

Growing up with a father in foreign services, Renata Bezerra ventured far beyond her home country of Brazil. Now that she has a family of her own, she’s still on the move. As a kid Bezerra was accustomed to country hopping with her parents every few years—she lived in Mexico, Senegal, Taiwan, and Brazil before […]

October 15

Are You Likable at the Office?

Ready to see how your likability stacks up? If you’ve taken the twelve-step challenge in “Popular Vote” from the Fall 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, these two helps from Tim Sanders, author of The Likeability Factor, can guide you in improving your office relationships. Start with his self-assessment to find out whether you generate […]

September 05

Businessman with a Firehouse Bucket

Randy Judd’s story begins in the Ozarks of Arkansas, where he grew up with no indoor plumbing and went to school in a two-room schoolhouse. His family’s financial situation created what he feels was a truly fortunate opportunity to work full-time during college—a path that led him to the restaurant business. “I don’t think I […]

August 01

Beard for Boston: Fund-Raising Facial Hair

It only took five seconds for Ryan Judkins’s boss to approve his beard plan. Surprised, Judkins, a sales representative for Callaway Golf and a normally clean-cut guy, asked, “You do realize I might have a beard that’s five, six, or seven inches long at one point?” His boss replied, “I love it. Do it.” A […]

July 17

Why Your Business Needs Emergency Plans

When the big one hits—be it earthquake, tornado, or cyber hackers—business is going to come to a halt. And that stop can be permanent if your office doesn’t have an emergency plan.   For tips on how to get the ball rolling, check out these emergency templates and “Be Prepared” in the Summer 2014 issue […]

July 15

Going with the Grain: Alum Eric Rea

A sleek product like the iPad deserves accessories that are equally suave: hardworking with a look fit for the office’s C-suite. Blending mechanical prowess with beautiful natural materials, Eric Rea and his company, Fine­Grain, are finding a lot of backers for their refined and thoughtful designs. The company was created when Rea, a 2012 information systems […]

July 08

Liz Wiseman: Making the A-List

Working at the Oracle Corporation, alum Liz Wiseman found herself constantly surrounded by intelligent people. But she noticed an ebb and flow—not of intelligence but of how leaders capitalized on or closed off that intelligence. One executive she coached was brilliant but shut down others, leaving their ideas untapped. Wiseman searched for something to share […]

June 19

Throwback: Measuring the Play-Off Payoff

Although the World Cup is in full swing, it’s games like “Get Up” and “Sock Wrestle” that are deciding the world’s fate. The Wall Street Journal’s recent article “Roughhousing Lessons From Dad” explores how the very nature of play makes it tricky to nail down exactly how dads teach kids self-control and social skills. There’s […]

June 17

3 Ways to Cultivate a Digital Green Thumb

Though it may seem like technology is the antithesis to gardening, there are several sites and apps in the digital world that can help you raise physical sprouts. But don’t waste daylight digging through the app store; take our suggestions and get into the sunshine sooner. Smart Gardner This free, web-based garden planner not only […]

June 10

Test Out Your Personality Type

I’m an INFJ, red-blue split, and least like an otter. Though that won’t all fit on a nametag, knowing your personality type can help move business along. In Marriott Alumni Magazine’s Summer 2014 issue, author Bremen Leak explored the impact of personality types in the workplace. Now it’s time to find out who you are in […]

June 09

Prep Time: Ready Your Office for Disaster

Sure, you’re young, resourceful, and outdoorsy. You know how to rough it, and you’ve got a water bottle at your desk. You’re ready for an emergency at the office, right? Holly Munson, author of “Be Prepared” in the Summer 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, disagrees. If you’re like most people, you haven’t even scratched […]

June 06

Nine Years and 35,000 Legos Later

When we asked for a Marriott School of Management faculty member with unusual hobbies, the ROTC sent us straight to recruiting and operations officer Dave Jungheim. As it turns out, building the Salt Lake Temple out of more than thirty-five thousand Lego bricks can get you noticed. While that’s what Jungheim did, it wasn’t for […]