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February 23

How MPA Alumni Are Making an Impact

“Making a difference.” “Making the world a better place.” Use these phrases enough and they start sounding stale. But backed by real results, the work of MPA alumni is proving the skills developed within the walls of the Marriott School can make meaningful—and real—change. United in their desire to improve world conditions, alumni bring their […]

December 24

2016 Marriott School Christmas Card

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen the story of The Elf on the Shelf like this. Thousands (seven thousand, to be exact) of pop-up prints later, we introduce you to the 2016 Marriott School Christmas card. Sent to business schools, donors, and others worldwide, our annual holiday card represents the tireless work of our own little elves […]

December 19

Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Clad in an array of costumes—goblins, knights, and even the pope—participants at the 2016 conference of the College of Extraordinary Experiences gathered at the Czocha Castle in Poland to interact with interdisciplinary leaders and learn how to design better experiences. Among the attendees of the November conference were Lord of the Rings executive producer Mark […]

October 04

Choosing Your Business Adventure Abroad

Did you know it’s possible to spend a semester abroad at a manageable cost, while at the same time working toward your Marriott School degree? Each semester, the Marriott School’s Whitmore Global Management Center (GMC) sends students on exchange programs to eight different countries where they take businesses classes (don’t worry; the classes are in […]

August 09

Class Note: Hot Off the Press

Kim Borup knows a good investment when she sees one. The skills that the 1992 Marriott School business grad earned during years of experience in the field are currently bearing fruit in Paper Bandit Press, the letterpress printing company that Kim began with her husband, Brett, more than two years ago. “I’ve used my degree […]

June 09

Marriott Alumni Take the “Write” Track

Ever rubbed shoulders with a famous author? You probably have. The Summer 2016 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features seven of our notable wordsmiths, but on the chance your literary appetite is hungry for more, you can fatten your summer reading list with this roundup of distinguished Marriott School writers. Cloak and Dagger—Taking a page […]

April 22

Why Should Women Choose a BYU MBA?

It takes more than two hands for faculty member Liz Dixon to count off all the individuals who have championed her efforts at the Marriott School. Because of that, she’s a self-proclaimed cheerleader for women interested in earning an MBA. So why should women choose BYU’s program? We put that question—and several others—to Dixon, who […]

April 07

The Perfect Fit: WIB Club Hosts Major Shopping

If you were in the Tanner Building on the evening of 24 March 2016, you might have witnessed nearly four hundred women shopping in the halls. They were not perusing for a new tablet or a pair of shoes but for a college major. The Women in Business Club’s Major Shopping Event invited female BYU […]

March 09

Professor Climbing to New Heights

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, there are still some who hope for ice instead of an early spring. “When most people are complaining that it’s very cold outside, I love that, because we know the ice is solidifying,” says recreation management professor Stacy Taniguchi, who makes a hobby of scaling frozen cliffs. […]

February 18

The Right Things: MBA Director John Bingham

John Bingham doesn’t believe in balance. As the director of the BYU MBA program, he’s got more than a little on his plate. In addition to his Marriott School gig, he’s also the father of five children, bishop in his LDS ward, and a “wannabe” farmer. But for Bingham, life isn’t about balancing various activities; […]

February 16

MPA Alum’s Comic Creations

By day, Arie Van De Graaff is a public servant, but by night he is an accomplished cartoonist. Van De Graaff, who graduated with an MPA from BYU in 2001, has been in the public sector for nearly fifteen years, working as a research analyst for the Utah Association of Counties. “I liked the idea […]

February 12

In the Atrium with Alec Starkie

Alec Starkie, a first-year MAcc student from West Jordan, Utah, doesn’t spend his time in the Tanner simply to gain textbook knowledge about business principles or memorize terms for an exam — he’s there to better understand how to live and breathe classroom concepts into his own startup business. “What you learn in school is […]

January 19

In the Atrium with Dale Tolley

    MBA student Dale Tolley has a lot going on. Not only is he in the second year of the OBHR emphasis and prepping for a new job at Procter & Gamble, but he’s also juggling family, three jobs, and on the side, developing his Lego-building prowess and designing board games. Luckily for us, […]

December 15

BYU Beta Alpha Psi Aids Local Nonprofits

What can accounting students do to help a leprosy colony in India? As it turns out, a lot. Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. Within the BYU chapter of BAP, groups of accounting students work on projects aiding local nonprofits. Hannah Rios, a second-year MAcc student from […]

December 14

Brick by (Lego) Brick: Dave Jungheim Update

“Prepare for the media.” That’s what the Marriott School external relations department told MBA alumni relations director Dave Jungheim a year and a half ago, when we broke the story about his Lego-building hobby: the impressively-detailed replica he built of the Salt Lake Temple that took more than nine years and 35,000 Lego pieces to […]

November 27

Giftry: Stress-Free Holiday Giving

Don’t know what to get a family member or friend for Christmas this year? Dreading those Black Friday lines? You’re not alone. Picking out the perfect gift can raise your anxiety as high as the star topper on your Christmas tree. It only takes one wrong gift to swing your holidays from holly jolly to […]

November 23

Holiday Cooking with Alum Kent Andersen

Thanksgiving fast approaches. It’s the most important food holiday, and you need to impress your in-laws with a palate-pleasing side-dish. Look no further. Here Marriott School alum and chef Kent Andersen teaches how to whip up a sought-after stuffing that the whole family will still be talking about, even after the turkey-induced food coma wears […]

November 13

WSOA: Accounting is Always in Style

Accounting is for men. Accounting is too hard. Accounting will destroy your social life. These are rumors. But for women looking to enter the accounting program, they’re sometimes the only messages received. “As a freshman or sophomore looking into accounting, you hear a lot of rumors about the program that may deter some women from applying,” says […]