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August 24

Four Tips to Navigate Office Politics

You might not be able to do much to influence national politics, but office politics are another story. The ability to successfully navigate office politics can help your career in a myriad of ways—but it helps to know how the gears of the political machine turn at your workplace. Check out these four tips to […]

July 29

Accounting Professor Reaches New Heights

After growing up in Kingsburg, California, new BYU School of Accountancy professor Melissa Western completed her undergraduate studies in neighboring Fresno. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in, but many of her track teammates were business students. They encouraged her to try out an accounting class, which she did—and she fell in love. “It […]

June 23

Entrepreneurship Is a Romp

As a busy neuroscience graduate student and teacher of undergrad psychology courses at Duke University, Stephanie Santistevan-Swett needed a versatile outfit to get her through busy days. Rompers—loose, one-piece garments combining a shirt and pants or shorts—were the perfect mix of comfy and cute, but she was having a hard time finding any with sleeves. So […]

April 27

Approaching “LYFE” and Lemons Like a Boss

When life hands them lemons, women are supposed to make lemonade and help their kids set up a roadside stand and clean the kitchen—all without breaking a sweat. Unrealistic expectations like these have obvious negative implications, but they can also affect a woman’s ability to balance her personal life with pursuing an education or career. […]