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May 03

Student Entrepreneurs Get a Head Start(up)

Three students in BYU’s No. 2-ranked entrepreneurship program aren’t waiting to apply what they’re learning until after graduation; instead, they have a jump start on their business ventures: Morgen Glessing, a senior from Vancouver, Washington Glessing is steering two different startups. The first is Kudoz, an app that rewards safe drivers with points they can […]

April 30

Getting Onboard With OBHR

Early bird recruiters are on the heels of incoming OBHR students. So close, in fact, that OBHR senior Sarah Duvall felt the need to research how to better prepare students to meet them. Duvall started her inquiries last October by drawing themes from personal experiences in the program, conducting surveys, and collaborating with Society of […]

March 28

World Record Holder Continues to Build

To remedy their boredom one summer afternoon in 2009, Jeffrey Handy and his high school buddies decided to get a trailer, fill it with cardboard boxes, and build a giant fort in his friend’s backyard. To their surprise, the fort built from two hundred boxes attracted more than three hundred spectators and earned them the […]

March 15

OBHR Alum Dives Into Rewarding Career

Clark Anderson stood confidently on the diving board at the community pool in St. George, Utah. The eighth grader noticed the lifeguards talking among themselves and imagined they were discussing how skilled of a swimmer he was. He decided to prove them right. Anderson leapt into the air with his hands clasped together and dove headfirst […]

March 10

Startup Boot Camp Tests Business Savvy

Students from majors all over campus gather early on a Saturday morning for an eight-hour class on innovating and testing ideas. It’s their first and their last lecture of the semester, and once it’s over, they have five days to apply what they learned by creating a startup business plan to present to the professor […]

February 08

How to Make an Idea Soar

You know you’re in a class with entrepreneurship professor Michael Hendron when you’re lectured about sailplanes and how they apply to starting and running a business. Hendron would know, since he is highly experienced in both fields. Hendron has loved gliding since he was a kid growing up in northern California, but he didn’t finish […]

February 06

When Olympic Dreams Become Reality

Giuseppe Vinci could hardly sit still, eyes glued to the TV in his humble home of Milan, Italy. It was the 1996 Olympic opening ceremonies and Muhammad Ali was lighting the torch, sending goosebumps all down Vinci’s neck. Right then Vinci knew he had to be in the Olympics some day. A few years later, […]

January 25

An International View of Strategy

BYU strategy professor James Oldroyd was flying to Singapore for a job interview when a colleague called and asked him to stop by South Korea. With no expectations, Oldroyd complied and made a pit stop at the Sungkyunkwan Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB). This brief trip changed the course of his life for the next five […]

January 19

Overcoming the Competition for OBHR

Erin Hildebrandt left her fifth and final interview and collapsed into a nearby chair. Now all she had left to do was wait and hope. Hildebrandt, a senior in the OBHR program at the Marriott School of Management, was undergoing an extensive application process for a full-time position with Goldman Sachs. With the company’s high reputation, […]

January 02

Giving Back to His Community

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan plowed through the Philippines with 25 million people in its path. Braeden Santiago was one of those people when the lethal storm hit. Santiago, who was serving an LDS mission to the islands, walked away from the typhoon without a scratch, but the area was left in ruins. He was immediately […]

December 15

Skyler Carr: Spaceman and Entrepreneur

Skyler Carr grew up dreaming of traveling through space and hunting aliens. His favorite day in grade school included a trip to the Space Center in Pleasant Grove, where he could practice being a spaceman. He never forgot those days, and in 2012 he was devastated to hear the Space Center would be shut down. […]

December 06

Winning More Than Just Cases

Keith Olsen was looking for real-world experience when he arrived at BYU. This semester, Olsen found what he wanted by leading a team of five students in a case competition hosted by the Strategy Club. The team worked together for almost three hours a day to prepare a corporate strategy for LucidChart, a local software […]

November 29

Mike Norton: Athlete to Entrepreneur

Ever since he can remember, Mike Norton dreamed of playing lacrosse in college on the East Coast where he grew up. He didn’t intend on applying to BYU until his mom made him apply at the last minute. But after getting accepted and realizing he could play lacrosse in a wholesome environment like BYU, Norton […]

November 14

OBHR Professor Returns the Favor

In 1997, Lisa Jones Christensen took a break after a decade of working in business development to travel the world and work on her Spanish. While in Guatemala, she lived with low-income families in their homes. One night, when the father of one of the families came home from work rejected, mistreated, and empty-handed, she […]

November 10

SHRM: Bigger and Better Than Ever

As Kelly Andrews began his freshmen year at BYU, he participated in activities offered by the Society of Human Resource Management’s student OBHR chapter. But after noticing only a handful of people in attendance at each meeting, Andrews was determined to make a change. Andrew’s resolve led to a re-evaluation of the chapter’s objectives as well as […]

November 02

Strategy Alum Charles Barrett Keeps Climbing

Whether it be climbing the tallest mountains in Europe and Africa or climbing the ladder toward a successful business career, Charles Barrett, a 2009 graduate from the Marriott School strategy program, reaches the top one step at a time. Barrett, a former McKinsey & Company employee who did some consulting in Africa, will spend the […]

October 28

Melting Pot of Majors Shines Bright

Six students from different majors, backgrounds, and even cultures have united as one in the innovation process to develop a sustainable and rewarding company. Sam Webb, an accounting senior in the BYU School of Accountancy, is the business anchor of a six-student startup called Dentium.Club, an online teeth whitening company. The rest of the crew—Austin Harrison, Zach […]