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April 23

Overheard in the Tanner Hall of Fame

The Exchange staff is proud to debut the best overheard quotes of all time—with GIFS! Enjoy our favorite phrases from years past. To read this year’s top picks check out the current edition of “Overheard in the Tanner” in the most recent issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine. “I have a date tonight, a date tomorrow morning, and […]

March 27

Upbringing Fosters International Career

As a four-year-old growing up in Nazi-occupied Denmark, Lisbeth Hopper didn’t understand the complexities of WWII. All she remembers is being hungry, cold, and scared of black boots, an aversion that stays with her still. But avoiding black boots and Holocaust movies is all that remains of a dark and uncertain time in Hopper’s life. […]

March 13

In the Atrium with Joon Beh

For Joon Beh of Seoul, South Korea, studying at BYU is all in the family. Beh’s sister transferred to BYU from one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea and never looked back. Beh, a senior accounting major, followed in her footsteps and has loved his BYU and Marriott School experiences as well as […]

February 26

Throwback Thursday: Consumer Psychology

Pop quiz: Are you average? If you’re like most Americans, you probably think you’re smarter than the guy next door—especially when it comes to firing up a new appliance or electronic device. Marriott School professor Darron Billeter has been studying this type of consumer overconfidence for years, and his findings show that our propensity to […]

February 12

Meet the 2015 GMC Global Ambassadors

The Kay and Yvonne Whitmore Global Management Center is the Marriott School’s expert in international business and provides countless opportunities for students to travel abroad to see global business in action. Each year the GMC picks a group of students to share their stories from various international experiences as a way to show other international […]

January 15

Overheard in the Tanner with GIFs

Ever catch snippets of weird conversations in the Tanner Building that got you like: The external relations staff has kept their ears open for the upcoming edition of “Overheard in the Tanner.” For the full list of funny phrases, read the next issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, but in the meantime, enjoy these hilarious highlights—with […]

January 07

In the Atrium with Ryan Bastian

Ryan Bastian always knew his calling in life involved social innovation. After trying his hand with politics and economics, Bastian found his way to business and is now is his second year of the MBA program. The native of Idaho Falls, Idaho, has worked at a microfinance bank in Tajikistan, chartered projects through the Ballard […]

December 11

Showcasing Creativity at Best Idea Competition

In conjunction with the Social Venture Academy (SVA), the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance recently hosted the Best Idea Competition. The annual competition has provided the opportunity for students from any major to share their ideas for improving the world through social innovation since 2007. “We want to help out the world, but we want […]

November 04

It’s Election Day! Time to Collaborate

Today is midterm election day in the United States and Americans are collectively crossing their fingers for a fresh crop of elected officials who will work together for the country’s good. Michael O. Leavitt, former US secretary of Health and Human Services and Utah governor, recently spoke to Marriott School graduates about the power of […]

October 30

Creative Partnership Opens Doors

The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance has teamed up with the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration to help students learn how to solve problems through a creative lens. Working together to use their respective expertise as social innovators and creative thinkers to improve the world, the centers sent a team of students and faculty to […]

September 25

Spinning The Teamwork Color Wheel

It’s a brighter, bolder world out there—thanks to the Color Code personality test. Big companies—think Smith’s, Nordstrom, and Intermountain Healthcare—are integrating the Color Code into their hiring and training processes and creating more understanding and cooperative workplaces. Here at the Marriott School, information systems professor Greg Anderson uses the code to help students navigate tough […]

September 11

Remembering Patriot Day with 24-hour vigil

Today the Air Force ROTC will honor those who lost their lives on 11 September 2001 with a twenty-four hour Patriot Day Vigil. Beginning at seven o’clock this morning, a group of cadets will stand guard over a folded flag and floral display in front of the Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building. A rose will […]