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January 05

MPA Students Fly into First Year

Looking out at wide valleys and steep mountain peaks, Ted Jackson took a deep breath and stepped into thin air. One wire, strung out thousands of feet over tree-filled valleys, held him aloft as he flew down the mountainside. Jackson, a first-year MPA student, is terrified of heights. But since he rode the zipline side-by-side […]

December 17

The Holly and the Money

American wallets take a big hit every Christmas, and this year will be no exception. According to a Gallup poll, Americans are planning on spending $90 more on Christmas gifts this season than they did last year. If you’re concerned about your holiday budget, check out the article “When Budgeting Backfires” in the Summer 2013 […]

November 17

Extending the Public Sector Network

With a couple temporary employees and 2,500 phone numbers, Vicki Okerlund set out in 2001 to create a network of BYU MPA alumni. Eight months later, she and her team had called every single alum, reaching about 90 percent of them and starting an alumni network that continues to enrich BYU’s MPA program today. Okerlund, […]

November 03

Math Camp Adds up to Success

This summer twenty-seven incoming MPA and Executive MPA students got together for camp—but instead of bringing out canoes and tents, they reached for calculators and graph paper. “The official title of the class is Essential Mathematics for Public and Nonprofit Management, but we call it Math Camp because it sounds more fun,” says Eva Witesman, […]

September 17

How to Become an American Abroad

Working in another hemisphere, on a different continent, or just over the border can be a great way to build business skills and become immersed in another culture. But snagging that overseas position isn’t always the easiest task, says marketing and global supply chain professor Simon Greathead. To make your journey easier, we asked Greathead […]

September 10

Ending Poverty, One Study at a Time

From China to Sierra Leone, Ty Turley’s research on development economics has taken him around the world. Last winter he braved a different sort of environment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he joined MIT’s prestigious Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) as a visiting scholar. At J-PAL some of the top development economists in the […]

May 19

Larry Boothe: From Munich With Love

To the casual observer, Larry Boothe was an American embassy worker in Munich, recently graduated from college and enjoying an overseas assignment with his family. In reality, he was undercover for the CIA, regularly traveling into the Eastern Bloc to recruit spies and steal secrets. Each trip was dangerous, stressful, and difficult, but Boothe felt […]

March 20

New MPA Display Honors George Romney

When Romney Institute administration members asked MPA student Kip Smith for help redesigning the institute’s display case, they were expecting a simple update. What they got was a full lobby makeover—and they couldn’t be happier. The new display offers a look into each aspect of the MPA program and George Romney’s life of public service. […]

March 12

The Next Step: Hiring Your Dream Team

The right team can take a project from dream to reality. While interviewing entrepreneurs for “The Next Step,” I got some expert tips on finding the right people to hire, whether you’re founding a startup or looking to expand your team. Here are a few tricks to try the next time you’re hiring. 1. Determine […]

February 11

Cover Your Bases: Finance Lesson 6

We’re wrapping up our personal finance lessons with an overview on insurance. Protect what’s important to you by finding affordable coverage that will serve your needs. For detailed information and tips on choosing plans, visit And in case you missed the rest of the series, check them out here: Fiscal Fitness: Lesson 1 Living […]

February 03

Big Spender: Personal Finance Lesson 5

When you’re forking out thousands of dollars for a new home or car, it’s important to pinpoint exactly what you want and how you will pay for it. Today’s infographic covers considerations to make when choosing and financing your big buys. For more detailed information, visit Check out our previous posts on investing, budgeting, […]

January 27

Death and Taxes: Finance Lesson 4

This week we’re preparing for two inevitabilities by learning tax rules and planning your estate. Since taxes are the biggest single annual expense for many families, a little tax planning can go a long way. Similarly, basic estate planning can ensure your family is taken care of no matter what. For more in-depth information, including […]

January 22

In the Atrium with Cimony Greenhalgh

Cimony Greenhalgh is as comfortable strapping on combat boots as she is stepping onto the stage to perform. A junior studying therapeutic recreation and an ROTC cadet, Greenhalgh has been acting for years and still gets a thrill from getting into character. “I love being able to take on different personalities,” she says. “I have […]

January 20

Investing: Personal Finance Lesson 3

Once you’ve established a budget and are saving money, it’s time to start making your money work for you. Investing can help you reach your financial goals and have a comfortable retirement. It may take some research to make a solid investment plan, but your work will pay off. Today we’re covering when and how to […]

January 13

Living Within Your Means: Finance Lesson 2

For the second part of our personal finance refresher, we’re taking a look at staying debt-free by maximizing income, reducing spending, and building savings. Here is a handy tool to help with eliminating debt—a debt elimination schedule. For the full lesson and more tools such as a debt elimination spreadsheet, click here. Missed lesson one? You can […]

January 06

Fiscal Fitness: Personal Finance Lesson 1

You might be at the top of your class with a great résumé, connections, and job prospects to prove it, but without financial know-how it’ll be hard to reach your goals. That’s where Finance 418 comes in. The course, developed by finance professor Bryan Sudweeks, focuses on smart money management and is one of the […]

December 23

Budgeting for Fusion in France

MPA Alum Joins Multinational Project MPA alumnus Michael Francom looks to the power of the sun for inspiration in his work. As a budget officer for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), he and his team support the building of a nuclear fusion reactor that will create power the same way the sun does, combining […]

November 18

Fifty Years of Going Forth to Serve

What started as a few professors teaching public administration skills within the political science department has grown into today’s nationally recognized BYU MPA program, with fifty years of graduates impacting the communities they serve. In 1963 political science professor Stewart Grow established the first graduate program focused on public administration—a master’s degree that would prepare […]