April 26

The Secret to Landing Your Dream Internship

School is winding down, the sunshine has actually started to feel warm, and one question is on everyone’s mind: what to do this summer?

Marriott School students have landed internships all over the country, thanks to club participation during the school year. Here are just a few examples.


IMG_0223 (1)Society for Human Resource Management: Grant Fuller 
Grant Fuller, an OBHR junior, dreamed of an internship this summer with Goodyear. With the help of SHRM co-president Sarah Duvall, he made that dream a reality. Duvall had interned with Goodyear the previous summer and walked Fuller through the process while also introducing him to important players in the Goodyear HR department.

“Landing an internship at Goodyear was only made possible by the amazing SHRM leadership and the guidance they gave me,” Fuller says. “Not only did I receive invaluable tips about how to interview but the connections that they shared with me became a crucial reason that I received an offer.”

Fuller heads out to Akron, Ohio, in May to intern on Goodyear’s Latin America regional HR team for the summer.



Tech Club: Ella Madsencrodgers -170408-IMG_7079
Ella Madsen serves as vice president of student development in the Tech Club. Her dream opportunity showed up on while she was on assignment—a fellow Tech Club leader posted about an internship at LinkedIn on their group message stream. She immediately applied and started practicing for the interview.

In addition to the Tech Club, Madsen is also involved in SHRM. Through SHRM, she was able to gain additional experience from case competitions.

“I got the internship because of interview prep, networking with current LinkedIn employees, and club involvement,” says Madsen, a pre-management sophomore.

Thanks to her hard work and many people who helped her, Madsen will intern on LinkedIn’s HR team in Sunnyvale, California.

“With help prepping for interviews from BYU alumni at LinkedIn, Ella nailed her shot and got an internship,” says BYU Tech Club copresident Brighton Youd. “Those alumni are part of the support system behind the BYU Tech Club.”


Private Equity Club: Jace Saunders16708198_10209399873179813_2148685597636323634_n
Some internship recruiters work exclusively through Marriott School clubs in order to find top interns. Jace Saunders, a finance junior, is a member of three such clubs.

“I wanted to learn from top-tier consultants and expand my knowledge on private equity and management consulting, and the Private Equity Club made that possible,” Saunders says.

After deliberating, he applied through the BYU Private Equity Club for his internship with Cicero in Salt Lake City. Various friends in the club helped him prepare for the interviews and networked with executives for Saunders. He landed the job and will start in May.



Investment Banking Club: Michael Edismichael-edis.jpg
Michael Edis prepared for countless hours in order to land his internship with Wall Street banking giant Credit Suisse, but it was BYU’s Investment Banking Club that helped him make the final cut.

“The IBC provided me with a framework to prepare for investment banking as a career,” says Edis. “The club is an excellent way to network with peers in banking and professionals working on Wall Street.  The club also provides in-depth interview preparation, excellent mentorship, and an annual trip to New York City where attendees get to visit all of Wall Street’s biggest banks. I attended the trip twice!”

Michael will intern with Credit Suisse in New York City this summer as an investment banking analyst. His role will include analyzing companies using financial modeling and valuation techniques, examining the impact of transactions on client capital structures, and analyzing the consequences of mergers and acquisitions. Edis will be working in Credit Suisse’s consumer retail group.


A2LPFA: Diego Lundstrom
Diego Lundstrom is the co-president of the Association for Latino Professionals For America at BYU. Currently a marketing junior, Lundstrom will intern at Goldman Sachs this summer on the credit risk management team.

Through ALPFA, Lundstrom attended several events with Goldman representatives in attendance, including a three-day diversity conference last May hosted by the company. While at the conference, recruiters encouraged him to apply for an internship with them.

“When I made it to the final round interview at the Salt Lake City office, I remember being nervous in the waiting room,” says Lundstrom. “As I stood there, one of the individuals with whom I had networked came out of nowhere and started talking to me. It calmed my nerves.”

To learn more about how clubs can lead to internships, visit careerlaunch.byu.edu and attend clubs night every Tuesday night at 7 p.m.