In the Atrium with Jake Homer

Life is just like riding a bike, right? Well for Jake Homer sometimes it is more like a sprint triathlon—literally.

“I love cycling, and I have a goal to do a sprint triathlon,” Homer says. “I find races like that to be super fun because they motivate me to be better and work harder.”

Homer, a strategy major from Brandon, South Dakota, has succeeded in life’s race by exercising innovation, hard work, and enthusiasm; all of which helped him get into BYU.

“When I was a kid I always loved BYU, and I had my eyes set on it from then on,” Homer says. “The second I got accepted, I knew that it was where I wanted to go.”

As a BYU freshman Homer faced the pivotal decision in each college student’s experience: deciding a major. For Homer it has been a step-by-step process of figuring out his personal passions.

“I was originally going to do supply chain, but some friends told me about the strategy program and I absolutely loved it,” Homer says. “I loved everything that I learned and the challenges it made me face.”

Along his journey Homer has found people who have shaped his college experience and directed his future career aspirations. While studying at BYU, Homer has interacted closely with the department of organizational leadership and strategy, participated in the Business Strategy Club and the Supply Chain Club, and consulted with professors.

“The people I have met in the Marriott School have been the most valuable part of my education,” Homer says. “It is what’s going to really help me achieve my future goals because talking with them helped me figure out what I truly love; it opened up doors that I never knew existed.”

The next step for Homer is a summer job in California working for Kaiser Permanente in its finance strategy and management department. His interest in healthcare is a major draw for the job.

For Homer, crossing his career finish line will not be a success unless he is able to help people along the way. “In my heart my goal is to be in a position where I can make a major impact in helping people have better lives.”