Editor’s Notes: Winter 2016

CoverThere are a lot of big brains in the Tanner Building. Just head over to the office of information systems professor Bonnie Anderson, and you’ll find one sitting on her desk—a 3D model of her own gray matter, mapped by BYU’s state-of-the-art MRI. But she and her team at BYU’s Neurosecurity Lab use the MRI for more than novelty office decor. The pioneering researchers study hundreds of brains, seeking the inside scoop on computer-security behavior. They’ve discovered that users are the weakest link—cybersecurity isn’t designed to mesh with cerebral processes. Thanks to Marriott School research, more brain-friendly security measures are in the works.

And speaking of an insider’s look, several BYU couples let us peek into their families. The stats say that more and more women are out-earning than their husbands nationally—and sometimes the upset to the norm causes tension at home. But that doesn’t have to be the case, say Marriott School alums and family-science researchers who are beating the odds. With career-successful moms and dads leading at home, the couples we interviewed seem unconventional at first glance. However, the story reveals their families to be like so many others—teams working together within their circumstances to create the best life.

Leading Alum Traci Memmott also learned that with a little creativity and flexibility, life doesn’t have to default into the expected. Memmott too crafted a life featuring the best of many worlds: career and motherhood; city and country; HR and rodeo ticket sales; cross-country flights and local ball games. Today a VP at American Express’s new venture, Amex Global Business Travel, Memmott works not in a skyscraper but repurposed grocery store, leading her global team remotely from rural Nephi, Utah.

Additionally, organizational leadership and strategy professor Shad Morris takes a look at how the storytelling skills of the ancients can add a touch of humanity and personality to the transfer of institutional knowledge, especially on a global scale.

Last but not least, writer Holly Munson takes parents down a path many dread—the looming college admissions process. She consulted experts, writers, and experienced parents to answer your top questions about helping your teen prepare for and get into the school of her dreams.

Find these stories and more inside the new Winter 2016 issue of the Marriott Alumni Magazine, now available online and soon to arrive in your mailbox.