Do You Think You’re Marriott Material?

Wondering what it takes to become a part of the Marriott School? Here’s what BYU students, aspiring and current (and their parents), need to know about getting into one of the top-ranked, highest-value business schools in the country.

What are the prerequisites for applying?
Students must complete designated premanagement courses and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in those courses to apply.  The average GPA for 2015 admitted students was 3.65. “One of the most important factors in the application is grades,” says Randall Smith, managing director of the school’s Advisement Center. “Doing well in the pre-management courses is especially important”, he says. The application also includes a three part essay and résumé.

Does it matter if I’m a pre-management major or an open major?
If you declare as a pre-management major, the Advisement Center can reach out to you and provide you with application information. However, if your GPA is below the 3.0 average, consider listing yourself as an open major so you can explore your options with other majors.

How can I prepare?
Students must commit to a specific major or emphasis when they apply to the Marriott School and usually are unable to switch once they’re admitted, so they should explore career plans and decide which programs they are most interested in.

When should I apply?
On average, it typically takes students three semesters to be ready to apply to the Marriott School. The fall application deadline is the last business day in June.

What is the junior core and how does it work?
Once students are admitted to the Marriott School, they will focus on courses within their major, and take those courses with the same group of students. Up until this fall, students took more general management courses up front, but now they specialize first. “Our goal is to help them specialize in their major earlier, so they are better prepared for their internships,” Smith says.

What can I do if I am not accepted?
You can do a management minor. Many minor requirements are fulfilled by the pre-management courses. If there is a particular course you are interested in, you can ask the Advisement Center if there is room for non-major students.

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