Inside the Business Strategy Club

strategy club photo

Whether you’re a freshman with a passing interest in business or a senior in the program with graduation drawing ever closer, the Business Strategy Club (BSC) can help give you both the “know how” and the “know who” to prepare you for the future.

We sat down with BSC president Tejas Konduru, a junior finance major from Cupertino, California, to give you a glimpse inside the club and all it has to offer.

“There is no place on campus like the strategy club,” he says. “You come in as a naive, inexperienced underclassmen and leave as a proven asset to your future employer.”

What is the Business Strategy Club?

BSC is BYU’s student-run consulting firm. We offer a wide breadth of activities. Every year we have a month-long strategy boot camp where we walk students through business principles. We have weekly meetings where we cover different strategy principles and frameworks and, of course, provide consulting services to real companies—which looks great on a résumé.

Who can join?

We’re open to all majors, not just strategy and business students.

Why join?

BSC is the best decision I’ve made in the business school. Businesses come to us with real-world problems and ask students to help solve them. If you want to learn about business, there is no better place to learn than BSC. As an undergraduate you can consult and give recommendations to business executives from Fortune 500 companies. You work with experienced upperclassmen on your team to help you solve the problem.

Tell me more about the cases.

 The cases I’ve been able to compete with have taught me the practical application of my academic learning. The most valuable part of any case is the network you build with your teammates and other students. Some of my best friends are students who I did cases with. I’ve been able to present my cases to C-suite executives. For the future, I already have experience presenting to business executives and working in a collaborative environment.

What companies does the club work with?

The BSC works with a wide variety of local and international companies. You may have heard of a little company called Walmart? Cases have also included companies like Vivint, TruHearing, Zarbee’s, Pathway India, DressCode, Domo, and Qualtrics, just to name a few.

If you’re interested in joining the club or want to learn more, click here.