BYU Beta Alpha Psi Aids Local Nonprofits

Rising Star Outreach-1

What can accounting students do to help a leprosy colony in India?

As it turns out, a lot.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. Within the BYU chapter of BAP, groups of accounting students work on projects aiding local nonprofits.

Hannah Rios, a second-year MAcc student from Boerne, Texas, has been involved in two different projects with BAP. With a group of five students, Rios helped a Provo-based nonprofit, Rising Star Outreach, in calculating costs and pricing service programs. Rising Star’s programs help send volunteer groups to a school and hospital in India, in an area plagued by leprosy. By utilizing her managerial accounting skills, Rios knows she was able to help a good organization that by nature doesn’t have access to a lot resources.

“At some point in my career I definitely want to be working at a nonprofit,” Rios says. “Having that little experience just showed me that I can do a lot of good. The fact that we could spend a few hours coming up with a cost breakdown for them and that it could help them with their business model so much was really satisfying. It was also really fulfilling for me to know that I have a skill that I can really help people with.”

Five to ten groups are typically involved in BAP’s Nonprofit Initiatives each year. Jessica Hadley is the Nonprofit Initiative coordinator of BYU chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and a second-year MAcc student from Alpine, Utah. She says that her work overseeing the groups is easy, since the students are highly motivated.

“The students are self-propelled in getting involved,” Hadley says. “Even when there were road blocks to their projects, I loved hearing how dedicated they were to see it through.”

The student-directed projects allow School of Accountancy students to give unique service based on their specialized skills.

“I’ve been involved in lots of service, and I loved all those opportunities,” Rios says, “but it’s been really cool as I’ve gotten more into my major to have specific service opportunities.”

The Nonprofit Initiatives within Beta Alpha Psi connect members of the accounting program with local organizations in need, resulting in a beneficial partnership that creates relationships and develops skills.

“We are so blessed in the accounting program to have association with incredible faculty and to have awesome opportunities due to the precedence set by SOA graduates before us,” Hadley says. “Getting involved in the community is the least we can do. And we’re happy to do it.”

More information about the BYU chapter of Beta Alpha Psi can be found here.