Experience Industry: A Play-By-Play


They say business is all work and no play.

But those studying experience industry management might beg to differ. After all, a career outlook in this field could involve anything from working in an amusement park to a sports arena. The experience industry provides people with recreation opportunities—think ski resorts, public parks, zoos, and hotel management.  The wide variety of experience-driven professions is just one perk of going into this line of business.

Experience industry management is an emphasis of the recreation management major. This option aims to help others appreciate the importance of recreation and leisure in the well-being of society and individuals.

“I love that the experience industry is founded on principles that help people have good lives,” says Brian Hill, recreation management professor. “I teach a class called Creating a Good Life Through Recreation. If we can provide experiences that enhance that good life, we need to understand what makes people happy.”

Through the coursework, students become equipped to manage in the experience industry, with skills like running events and managing venues. Students are prepared for leadership in the fields of outdoor recreation, community recreation, commercial recreation, and youth leadership.

“What we’re about is providing happiness, well-being, and opportunities for intrinsic motivation for people,” Hill says. “That’s what our students go out and do. The foundation is positive and bright.”