WSOA: Accounting is Always in Style


Accounting is for men.

Accounting is too hard.

Accounting will destroy your social life.

These are rumors. But for women looking to enter the accounting program, they’re sometimes the only messages received.

“As a freshman or sophomore looking into accounting, you hear a lot of rumors about the program that may deter some women from applying,” says Lauren Harris, a first-year MAcc student from Houston, Texas. “I believe that hearing about the experiences of women who have already gone through the Junior Core can help dispel some of those rumors and encourage more women to apply.”

Last week the Women in the School of Accountancy Club held the first recruiting event of its kind to garner interest in the SOA among female students and to combat false stereotypes. The event, called Women in Accounting: We Never Go Out of Style, featured raffle prizes and student presentations from the WSOA members.

“We didn’t sugarcoat things or give the packaged responses you usually hear at recruiting events,” Jessica Drivas, an accounting senior from Coto de Caza, California says. “I think the girls who attended got an idea of just how unique the women in the accounting program are, and also how much the accounting program can positively impact their lives.”

Katelyn Benson, an accounting senior from Richfield, Utah, says the WSOA events not only answer questions about the accounting program, but also serve to exhibit the versatility of an accounting degree for women.

“This career is perfect for women, especially those aspiring to motherhood,” Benson says. “There are so many flexible options for career development. Don’t let stereotypes get you down. Accounting can work for you!”

The WSOA holds events throughout the year to connect past, current, and future women in the accounting program. To learn more about the WSOA and upcoming events, visit