The True Terror: Bad Breath at Work

It’s a spooky time of year. Glowing jack-o-lanterns appear on every doorstep and your coworkers are dressing up like the undead. But the real terror could be something that’s right under your nose—bad breath.

Although there’s no magic potion for a case of halitosis, 1994 business management alum and dentist Michael Bennett offers some helpful tricks and treats to keep your breath fresh at work.

1. Brush Like a Banshee

Good breath starts in the morning, Bennett says. Brush in small circles near the gum line where plaque tends to accumulate. Then brush the chewing surfaces and sides of your teeth as well as your tongue. And don’t forget to rinse!

2. Floss Those Fangs

According to Bennett, brushing only cleans sixty percent of your teeth’s surface area. Flossing will take care of the rest and leave your chompers squeaky-clean.

3. Let Out a Ghastly Gargle

Gargling might sound funny, but it can make all the difference for bad breath. Gargling can loosen food particles that get caught in the back of your mouth.

4. Haunting H20

Keep a bottle of water at your desk to drink throughout the day. Water acts as a buffering agent and neutralizes the pH in your mouth.

5. Ghoulish Gum

If you want your breath to be extra minty-fresh, chew on a stick of gum; it stimulates saliva flow, which helps kill bacteria in your mouth.

As a dentist, Bennett proudly doled out candy and toothbrushes to his patients on Halloween. Now he specializes in treating people with sleep disorders and facial and jaw pain at the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Utah in Orem.

Read more workday tips from business experts in the Winter 2009 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.