SOA Professor Leads New Accounting Site

Cassy Budd Profile

Accounting documents don’t have to read like gibberish.

At least that’s what professor Cassy Budd is trying to prove with the help of her RevenueHub team. With the release of the Financial Accounting Standard Board’s new revenue recognition standard, first- and second-year MAcc students, with the help of Budd and other faculty, are decoding the complex details for all.

Budd is in her eleventh year of teaching at BYU and has found herself at the helm of unprecedented research and scholarship as faculty director of the RevenueHub project. Although Budd is quick to admit that RevenueHub is the “brainchild” project of School of Accountancy director Jeff Wilks, for her, being involved is an opportunity to contribute to the profession she loves.  When Wilks approached her about participating, the choice was obvious.

“It just seemed like, of course, why would I not want to do that?” Budd says. “It’s very much in line with the kind of thing that I really enjoyed about being in the profession. That allows me to keep that connection open. It’s stretched me for sure.”

Budd spent ten years at PricewaterhouseCoopers after earning her undergraduate degree in accounting at BYU. Four kids later, she left the firm not knowing what her next chapter would be. As it turned out, she ended up back at school, scoring a master’s degree and a teaching job at Utah State. She later reconnected with BYU friends, receiving a teaching job offer endorsed by one of her undergraduate mentors, professor Kevin Stocks.

“He’s this man that I looked up to for so long, and he was the one who signed my offer letter,” she said. “In the letter, he wrote ‘your colleague, Kevin.’ It blew me away that the person who I had learned from and associated with for so many years would call me his colleague.”

Even with her teaching gig, Budd isn’t far detached from her accounting roots. With RevenueHub, she helps to make important accounting standards accessible to others. And Wilks is convinced that because of Budd’s relevant experience, she’s the best individual for the job.

“She’s exceptionally well qualified,” Wilks says. “We really needed someone with her chops, and she’s got it in spades. She knows how to do research, and she knows how to help people to get to the right answer. She’s exceptional at it.”

To learn more about the RevenueHub project, read Inside the Classroom in the Fall 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.