The Rising Popularity of Career Networking

For a growing number of job candidates, it’s not just about getting in; it’s about linking in. According to a recent article from The Economist, more b-school applicants, enrolled students, and graduates are utilizing LinkedIn, a popular networking site, for personal branding and interaction with other professionals.

“It does require work initially, but once you’ve got it, it’s a great tool,” says BYU MBA alumni relations director Dave Jungheim. “I actually have gotten all the way to final interviews and received offers from companies using LinkedIn almost exclusively.”

Jungheim has made it his mission to see that the Marriott School isn’t left behind on this social trend. In 2011 the BYU MBA Network was created as a connecting point for students and graduates from the MBA programs. The group now has more than 2,500 members and has grown 40 percent in the last year. Through the site, Jungheim conducts personalized searches for students and graduates, working to connect them with potential mentors and opportunities in their desired fields.

“LinkedIn is reimagining how career services work,” Jungheim says. “You have a living document on LinkedIn, a résumé of sorts.”

Because of the site’s growing popularity for career networking, Jungheim says it’s probable that employers will peruse profiles of potential hires, noting endorsements and skills. For this reason candidates should strive to optimize their content for viewing by staying current, studying the profiles of successful businesspeople, and making thoughtful connections.

To learn how social media helps in business school and beyond, check out “Linking In, Moving Up” from the Winter 2015 edition of Marriott Alumni Magazine.