In the Atrium with Courtney Dygert


For finance senior Courtney Dygert, business runs in the family. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Dygert is following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a degree from the Marriott School of Management. After a summer internship in Taiwan, Dygert recently returned to the Tanner Building.

Why did you decide to study finance?

Growing up I always loved math. Math is my thing! I felt like finance was a good program where I could make my passion for math applicable, working with both people and numbers.

You just got back from an internship in Taiwan. How was your experience?

I interned at a brokerage firm called Master Link Securities. What I liked most about the internship is how much I learned about the different companies in Taiwan. When the stock market opened, I would sit with the brokers and watch as they traded and interacted with people.

What is your finance dream job?

I want to do international corporate finance. I’m half Chinese, and I served a mission in Taiwan, so I speak Mandarin. I want to work for a company where I can use my language skills.

What do you love about the Marriott School?

I like the classes, the professors, and, most of all, the environment. The professors are very interactive, and they want to help you learn. Being at the Marriott School, I feel like I definitely make a contribution, and it’s all one big whole.