Leadership Lineup: The Marriott School Deans

Fall classes are officially in session, and the Tanner Building is once again buzzing with students and faculty alike.  As you get to know your new classmates, take a moment to become better acquainted with the Marriott School deans.


Born: Logan, Utah.

Family: Married thirty-six years to Carolyn; six children; two grandchildren.

Education: PhD, administration sciences, Yale; MA, organizational behavior, BYU; BS, university studies, BYU.

Accolades: Outstanding Faculty Award, Marriott School (2005); Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper Prize (2002); Outstanding Faculty Award, Pennsylvania State University College of Business Administration (1985).

Favorite authors: Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck.

Social network: LinkedIn.

Favorite film: Chariots of Fire.

Must-order dish: Sushi.



Born: La Jolla, California.

Family: Wife, Jennifer; five children.

Education: PhD, rhetoric and organizational communication, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MA, technical communication, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; BA, classical Greek, BYU.

Accolades: Citizenship Award, Marriott School (2006); Outstanding Teacher Award, OBHR Track Students (2004); Outstanding Teacher Award, Marriott School (1995).

Favorite destination: San Francisco.

Pet peeve: Car alarms.

Worst idea: Buying a 1980 Oldsmobile diesel. “My worst decision was acting on that idea,” Thompson quips.


KEITH VORKINK, Associate Dean

Born: Provo, Utah.

Family: Wife, Marcie; four children.

Education: PhD and MA, economics, University of Rochester; BA, economics, BYU.

Accolades: Douglas Driggs Professorship, Marriott School (2012–present); Teaching Excellence Award, Marriott School (2012); Young Scholar Award, BYU (2007); Top Research Award, Marriott School (2005).

Go-to breakfast: Peanut butter on wheat toast.

Worst vacation: Any vacation is a good vacation.

Favorite song: “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic. “It was the most listened-to song on our latest family trip,” Vorkink says.


STEVE GLOVER, Associate Dean

Born: Bellingham, Washington.

Family: Wife, Tina; four children.

Education: PhD, business, University of Washington; BS, accounting, University of Washington.

Accolades: Deloitte Wildman Medal, American Accounting Association (2013); Best Paper

Award, American Accounting Association (2013); Research Award, Center of Audit Quality

(2012); Outstanding Teacher Award, Marriott School (2009).

Mission: California Ventura, Spanish speaking.

Favorite spot on campus: Marriott Center.

Most overused saying: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

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