Overheard in the Tanner Building

You never know what awaits you when you walk through the Tanner Building’s doors; a simple stroll through the atrium often offers entertaining insights into the lives of students and faculty. Here are the most comical conversations from the newest edition of “Overheard in the Tanner” from the Summer 2015 edition of Marriott Alumni Magazine.


1. “Sports while in the business school is death unless you’re a genius. I don’t know how Christian Stewart does it.”



2. “Yeah, he has friends. He’s talking about it all the time.”

giphy (14)


3. “You could fit two bodies in there.”



4. “She was so chill! We’d just go off on tangents and stuff.”

giphy (11)


5. “My mom invited me to some women’s conference.  I’m like, ‘Does she realize I’m a guy?’”

giphy (2)


6. “It smells like seafood somewhere.”



7. “My buddy lives on the east side of San Francisco, and he’s paying about $5,000 for a one-bedroom apartment.”

giphy (12)


8. “Let me put on some headphones.  You’re louder than the whole hallway.”

giphy (8)


9. “What’d you think about that fire escape?”

giphy (9)


10. “We were diagnosing each other.  I know I was spot on.”

giphy (15)


11. “We had a good group.  Everyone was super intelligent.” ” I need smart friends.”

smart friends


12. “You have to knock these grades out of the park.”

giphy (5)


13. “This kid knows 75 percent of the Marriott School.” “Really?” “More like 95 percent. He has connections.”

giphy (13)


14. “Will you give me a few seconds? I’m trying to accomplish something.”

giphy (6)


15. “I feel like I’m a personable person, so I can relate.”

giphy (7)