Measuring a Marathon: Heather Kirby’s Goals

Eighteen weeks of training, 26.2 miles, an average heart rate of 136–there are many ways to measure a marathon.

But for Heather Kirby, who recently competed in the Contour Utah Valley Marathon, the race is measured in the little choices she makes every day.

“It was my first marathon and probably my last,” the School of Accountancy’s department administrator says. “It took a lot of training. I woke up four days a week at 5 a.m. and ran ten miles. I probably wasn’t the fastest, but it is fun to be able to say that I did it.”

This dedication to details is something Kirby focuses on daily at the Marriott School, where she has worked for nearly six years. From hiring students and adjunct faculty to helping with event logistics, she loves using her goal-setting skills to take care of business—an accomplishment that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Not only does she take initiative when something needs to get done,” accounting professor Brian Spilker explains, “but she gets it done before anyone else even thinks about it.”

This fall Kirby will be embarking on a new adventure. Her husband, a recent MAcc graduate, accepted a job offer in San Francisco so the couple is busy prepping for a move west. While the City by the Bay will offer new opportunities to set goals, Kirby says her time at the Marriott School has prepared her to face the challenge.

“I l have loved working with students and faculty,” Kirby says. “It’s so easy to communicate with people who work at the Marriott School because everyone is so friendly and willing to help. Even when they don’t have the answers, they’ll put you in touch with someone who does.”