In the Atrium with Madison Huish


Like many other business students, Madison Huish signed up for a mock interview when the Undergraduate Management Advisory Board came to the Marriott School. What she got from the experience wasn’t simply good practice. It was a life-changing conversation.

“Steve Eldredge asked me all these good, deep questions, and I realized I didn’t know how to answer any of them!” Says Huish, who, at the time, had just been accepted into the marketing program. “He told me not to just graduate but to really take advantage of my classes and do things I am passionate about. Afterward I was motivated to reach for something higher and more challenging.”

Since that day, Huish, a senior from Seattle, has taken the advice to heart by reaching higher in her academics and extracurricular activities.

Before starting the program, Huish landed an internship with BoomStartup, a small business accelerator. Through the internship, she began to work with DevMountain, a coding school, and helped the company cohost the WIT Hour of Code with Adobe—a coding boot camp for youth. Currently Huish works for Qualtrics doing inbound leads for events.

Huish will graduate next April and serves as vice president of retail for the BYU Marketing Association. She brings recruiters from retail industries and connects them to students for internships and jobs.

“The Marketing Association helps you make wonderful connections for your future,” she says. “We want to get everyone in the marketing program internships or jobs next summer.”

While Huish is very involved at the Marriott School, she doesn’t stop there. With two minors in visual arts and art history, she hopes to be able to put her talents to use in her career as well.FullSizeRender

“That’s where my passion is—the creative stuff,” she says. “I want to get more into that.”

When she’s not wielding a pencil, Huish can be found wielding a sword for a different kind of art: fencing. Huish practices with the BYU fencing club every Tuesday.

“When I saw the club on campus, I thought I would never have the opportunity to do this again, so I went in,” she says. “I absolutely love it.”

With all of her experiences and accomplishments, Huish says she owes a lot to that meaningful conversation with Eldredge.

“Whenever the advisory board comes into town, I book an appointment with Steve and give him updates,” Huish says. “He’s a great life coach.”