4 Tips for Would-be Expats

Wendy and family

For Johnson & Johnson executive and MBA alum Wendy Smith, securing an overseas assignment took “laser focus,” clear communication of career goals, and proactive networking. “It literally took years to set up,” she says. Get started on your expat journey with these tips from Smith.

Highlight your relevant experience. “A lot of Marriott School alumni have mission or volunteer experience with Asian language skills. Those are great assets. Play them up on your résumé and in interviews.”

Utilize your network. “Companies in Asia may not be recruiting at BYU, so utilize your network and find someone who knows someone who knows someone.”

Communicate your goals well in advance. “Plan early and really make your desires known. I started communicating my desires to senior management two years in advance.”

Show your value. “It’s a large investment for any company to send an employee to Asia, especially with an expatriate package. You need to be able to demonstrate your value to the company. Be proactive about identifying opportunities that are good for your development as well as for the company.”

Read Smith’s full story, “Change of Address,” in the Summer 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.

Bremen Leak