Are you a Suburbanite or a city slicker?

Back to the city

Back to the City” in the Summer 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine discussed how both the suburbs and the city come with trade-offs—it just depends on what is most important to you. Take this quiz to find out where you belong.

Would you rather…

A. Invite friends over for a hearty meal you cooked yourself

B. Walk to a few blocks to a trendy café to meet friends for brunch

A. Have a backyard complete with a garden and barbecue

B. Have a public park you can walk to and not have to worry about lawn-mowing

A. Save on gas by filling up at the Costco pump

B. Save on gas by walking, biking, or taking transit for most outings

A. Send your kids to a reliably good neighborhood public school

B. Navigate a maze of public, private, and charter options to find a good school

A. Have your kids interact with people who mostly align with your views

B. Have your kids interact with people from many walks of life

A. Have fewer things to worry about

B. Have more interesting things to do

A. Get a home with the most square footage possible

B. Get a home in the most interesting or historic neighborhood possible

A. Be able to drive and find easy parking most places

B. Be able to walk or take transit most places

A. Walk down a sidewalk where you are a lone pedestrian with cars whizzing by

B. Walk down a sidewalk that’s cluttered with litter

A. Instagram an architectural detail on a historic building

B. Instagram a tree-lined horizon at dusk

A. A newer home rich with modern appliances but with a basic design

B. An older home rich with architectural details but in need of renovation

A. Be stuck in traffic

B. Be stuck in a crowded subway car

Results: If you picked mostly A’s, you’ll find your bliss in the cul-de-sacs of suburbia. If you picked mostly B’s, you’ll enjoy the lofts and lively streets of the city. If you’re somewhere in between, you’ll get the most out of a walkable, urbanized suburb.

Holly Munson